The location of a first date can make all the difference between a great first date and a terrible one. Dating success requires us to think about these things in advance. If you end up in any of these awful situations on your first date, then you have your romance game all wrong.

Although many people think a great night out will also be a great idea for a date, unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. Here is a list of 10 places you should completely avoid on a first date:

1. A Zoo. Maybe if you were still in elementary school, this would be quite a sweet first date idea, but a bunch of depressed animals in cages doesn’t really cry out: “Romance is here”.  Plus, considering what a long day the zoo is, you may just be setting yourselves up for a ton of awkward silences and feigned interest. The Zoo, despite what the colourful promotional brochures will have you believe, is often an incredibly boring place. The exotic animals are few and far between, so for the pricey admin fee you end up just staring at tanks of stick insects for the majority of the day. Expectations? Hi. Meet reality.

2. At Either Of Your Homes. Let’s not try and ignore the fact that everyone knows exactly what a “Netflix night” means. Meeting at either of your houses might encourage you to break down the intimacy barrier a bit too early. After all: when you’re in private, and the bedroom is just steps away, it’s far too tempting to stay strong isn’t it? If you want to turn this first date into a longer lasting relationship then avoid each other’s homes completely. All that good stuff can come much later on. What’s the big rush?

3. A Double Date. The double date – it’s like having your very own personal hell. It’s hard enough not knowing your date very well but then introducing another two people to the mix is just one big, agonising social struggle. You don’t want to sit opposite a long-term couple who can’t keep their hands off each other when you and your date are definitely not there yet.

4. A Friend’s Party. There is no denying that parties are great fun but this is usually because there is a lot of alcohol involved. Breaking the two drink rule on a first date is dangerous territory as you will risk also breaking a few other rules – such as not getting romantic too early on. What could make matters worse, is over-drinking will make you appear sloppy which is not the best of first impressions. Avoid any social occasions that involve access to copious amounts of alcohol. Your friend is having a party? Get messy, just do it sans date.

5. A Family Occasion. If you are even considering this as a potential first date idea, then you really have lost your mind. Not only will your date feel uncomfortable and scrutinized by your relatives, but you’ll also have to deal with the awkward explanation to everyone that you hardly know each other. You may as well bring someone to a wedding on a first date. (Please don’t). First dates are an informal nice little get to know each other to determine if that initial spark is there – not a chance for Aunt Mavis to start showing off your baby pictures and asking if the two of you plan on having children anytime soon.

6. A Sports Game. There are two ways this is going to swing – either the team you support are going to win and everyone’s happy, or they lose and the moment is ruined. When beer is being tossed around, people start aggressively swearing and the hot dogs are over-priced, you will soon realize why this was a huge mistake from the first blow of the whistle. Completely avoid any sports related dates until you are both ready to see how the other reacts to bitter disappointment.

7. Your Childhood Town. Don’t take a walk down memory lane with a stranger as they will probably be very bored. Sharing childhood moments with a loved one is often only a success if they know you very well and you have a strong emotional connection. Pointing out where you first grazed your knee, the tree where you had your first kiss and your old school playing field isn’t something your first date will care about.

8. A Nightclub. If you enjoy trapping yourself in a sweat box for a few hours, screaming your head off during a conversation and a long wait in queues – then bringing a date to a nightclub is for you. Don’t forget to also wear your nicest pair of suede boots because some drunk will be desperate to spill drink all over them. Sure the natural pheromones from the loud music and sweat pouring from your body will give you a boost – but when your mascara is running down your cheeks from the heat is he going to want to touch you anyway?

9. A Loud Bar or Restaurant. Speaking of hardly being able to hear each other, a loud bar or loud restaurant is not much better than the nightclub option. A first date is all about getting to know each other, it’s not about listening to loud music and trying to talk to each other over it. It’s important to go somewhere where you can comfortably listen to each other, not strain to hear.

10. The Cinema. This is yes another perfect date for those who don’t want to talk to each other. “Let’s sit in a dark room both having to endure the endless crunching sound of popcorn from those chewing around us.” Then, just to really push the experience further into the cringe territory is when the inevitable sex scene is projected right in front of you both in all it’s widescreen glory. A trip to the cinema is perfect for date nights in the future but does it work as a first date? Not so much.


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