When you create a capsule wardrobe, you’ll save time, money, and space in your closet while always looking well put together. A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of essential, high-quality and timeless pieces of clothing that can be easily mixed and matched to create a variety of different outfits. 

Capsule wardrobes often contain a colour theme or a wide selection of neutrals. The clothes should be high-quality materials, well-fitting, soft fabrics and easy to mix and match.

Rather than hoarding clothes and buying new clothes season after season, a capsule wardrobe focuses on quality over quantity. When you learn how to create a capsule wardrobe the right way, you’ll still have that versatility of different outfits, but you’ll simplify your life and make getting dressed a breeze.

The First Step Before You Create a Capsule Wardrobe

When you create a capsule wardrobe, think about the types of clothing items you typically reach for. Reflect on this, and you might realize something that a lot of people with overstuffed closets have realized: you tend to wear the same clothes again and again, regardless of how much selection you have. This is a clear sign that a capsule wardrobe would work for you.

Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe approach results in many perks. First, when you create a capsule wardrobe, it streamlines your daily routine, eradicating the morning dilemma of “what to wear” or the annoying task of frantically searching through a stuffed closet. 

Financially, investing in a smaller collection of high-quality items often proves cheaper in the long run than constantly buying trend-driven, disposable fashion. Additionally, a minimalist wardrobe is more sustainable, reducing the clutter in your life and your carbon footprint.

Essential Elements of a Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe requires thoughtful selection of core items that not only resonate with your personal style but also offer versatility. These are your foundational pieces. For example, a well-fitted blazer, crisp white shirts, and high quality denim (that perfect pair of jeans). The role of accessories should not be underestimated, either. Brands like Lemaire offer an elegant range of accessories that can elevate your look. For example, when you dress in basics, complete your look with Lemaire earrings that add just the right amount of sophistication.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe: Step-by-Step Guide 

When you have an overstuffed closet full of cheap clothes from Shein or a dozen different black sweaters, it’s not easy to begin the process of curating a capsule wardrobe. In fact, it will feel very overwhelming, and you might need someone you trust to come over and help you.

In order to create a capsule wardrobe that simplifies your life, you must discard, sell or donate the copious amounts of clothing in your closet. 

It’s best to start 4 piles for your clothing: Donate, sell, keep, and discard. The majority of your clothes will likely be most appropriate for the “donate” pile, and it can be tough to let go of these items, but it’s for the best. Once your closet has a smaller collection of high-quality items, it’ll be so much faster and easier to get dressed. Gone are the days you’ll waste time searching for a top to match your skirt – it’ll all be organized items that match with each other.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a capsule wardrobe to help get you started:

1. Assess your current collection of clothes

Go through your existing wardrobe and evaluate what fits, what doesn’t fit, and as Marie Kondo would say, which items truly bring you joy. Keep very few items, and discard, donate or sell the rest.

2. Define your personal style

Before you go shopping for high-quality items and well-fitting neutrals for your capsule wardrobe, define your personal style. Whether it’s boho, classic, or contemporary, knowing your style helps you make purposeful choices.

3. Choose a color palette 

A cohesive color scheme aids in the mixing and matching process. Choose a color palette for your capsule wardrobe (in addition to your neutral colors). Select colors that look great on you – colors that go with your skin tone, hair, eyes, and overall personality. 

4. Figure out your must-haves

Compile a list of garments and accessories that will serve as the backbone of your wardrobe. These are your must-haves. Perhaps your must-haves align with how you dress for your body type. For example, if you love accentuating your waist while covering your belly, high-waisted skirts might be among your must-haves. If you work in an office and you need to dress professionally, some tailored blazers might be among your must-haves

5. Assess what’s missing

The ideal capsule wardrobe will have high quality denim that fits perfectly, a few skirts, pants, blouses, outerwear. Assess what’s missing from your capsule wardrobe before you go shopping. Are you missing that perfect winter coat? Is your coat worn, dated, or doesn’t fit that well? Write down the essential items for a capsule wardrobe that you don’t have. 

Investing in Timeless Pieces: Benefits of Quality over Quantity

Quality should be the cornerstone of your capsule wardrobe. Invest in pieces that not only look and feel luxurious but also promise durability. The value of a garment isn’t in how often you wear it but in the joy and confidence it brings you. While high-quality items may come with a bigger price tag upfront, their longevity often makes them more economical over time. This is why capsule wardrobes save you money, because they work, and therefore remove the temptation to buy cheap fast fashion. 

How to Cull a Large Clothing Collection

As mentioned earlier, the decluttering phase is crucial. Dividing your clothing into four categories will help (donate, sell, keep, and discard). 

Your “keep” pile should be small. If you have a recently-purchased very well-fitting and soft sweater, it might belong in your keep pile. Keep only items that align with your capsule vision. Dispose of anything worn-out or dated. 

Your “sell” pile will also be quite small, because you can only really sell expensive brands and modern, current styles. You can use Facebook Marketplace or Poshmark or other online platforms to sell high-quality bags, accessories and clothing that is in great condition.

Donating is the fastest way to create the space needed for your new capsule wardrobe. Donating is a great way to give your pre-loved items a second life. It might be hard to part with some clothes, but you’ll feel better after you do. If you believe in a certain cause, you might want to donate there, for example give some of your pre-loved clothes to a battered women’s shelter. 

Minimalists love regularly donating items, monthly, because it keeps their homes and closets free of clutter. It frees up space for more important items, and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts: Embracing the Freedom of Less

Curating the perfect capsule wardrobe might seem like an intimidating task, but the benefits are too significant to overlook. By focusing on fewer but much better-quality articles of clothing, you simplify your daily life and make room for what really matters—your well-being and peace of mind. 

It might be a lot of work to cull an overstuffed closet, and create a capsule wardrobe. However, for most people, it’s a life-changing project.

When you create a capsule wardrobe, it’s not about limiting your options but rather about making more intentional, fulfilling choices with clothes that look and fit better. So go ahead, embrace the freedom that comes with having less, and revel in the luxury of your perfectly curated wardrobe.

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