If you’re single on vacation in Cabo, you’re going to have a great time. Los Cabos, Mexico (or Cabo San Lucas) is already an awesome vacation destination for countless reasons. The beaches are beautiful, the area attracts sexy singles, and the quesadillas are addictive. The boat ride to see the arches is a bucket list activity, all-inclusive resorts have lit swim-up bars, the sunsets are insanely gorgeous and the resorts offer world-class luxury for affordable prices.

In Los Cabos, you also get perfect weather during the day, and the stars at night are so big, bright and close you could almost reach out and touch them. By simply laying out on a beach chair at night and staring up at those mesmerizing stars, you feel as though you’re being sucked into a surreal state of bliss.

Plenty of single men and women find themselves travelling to Los Cabos for a friend’s wedding, a girl’s trip, a guy’s trip, or even for a solo escape. Although there are a lot of couples in Los Cabos, here are some tips to meet singles:

1. Keep confident and funny ice-breakers in your back pocket

The best way to meet singles is to look fantastic, put on a great outfit, be confident and make a point of being funny. Prepare a few ice-breakers that you’ll feel confident executing. Memorize them. Metaphorically put them in your back pocket. Walk up to a cutie and say “can I buy you a drink?” and yes, the drinks are free at all-inclusive resorts, which is why it’s funny. It’s not the most original joke (it’s definitely been done) but it’ll still get you a laugh and break the ice. You can also opt for the oldest trick in the book, “hey do you mind putting sunscreen on my back for me?” Before you say or do something like that, though, you might want to start off with some small talk such as “are you here for a special occasion?” and “who are you here with?” so that you can decipher whether or not this person is, in fact, single.

2. Don’t rule out those romantic, couples resorts

One of the reasons Los Cabos is a hot spot for singles is because there are so many adults-only resorts and party resorts. However, a big mistake singles make in Mexico is underestimating how many cute single people there might be at one of those quieter, more romantic, couples resorts such as the beautiful Dreams Los Cabos Resort & Spa. These types of resorts are popular for destination weddings, and plenty of single men and women will be among the wedding guests.

Don’t get me wrong, it will still be mostly couples, but the perk of meeting a single man or woman at one of these resorts is that you’ll probably hit it off instantly, since there’s not much competition. They’ve been seeing couples everywhere all day. They aren’t surrounded by singles at a resort like this, and that’s why they’ll be thrilled to meet someone who is single.

If you aren’t staying at one of these couples resorts, my tip is this: call and ask if there’s a big wedding going on. If there is, buy a day pass to hang out at the resort and meet the wedding guests who will be partying in the pool during the day, and at night they’ll be hitting up the resort night club. Neither of those venues are ever exclusive to wedding guests, so you won’t necessarily be ‘crashing’ anything.

3. Adopt a go-for-it mentality, otherwise known as a ‘vacation mindset’

A vacation mindset is the idealized, more outgoing version of you that you tend to temporarily embody whenever you’re on vacation. That carefree, in-the-moment and opportunistic version of you came to play. You’ll be bold and in-the-moment, because it’s ok to flirt with strangers who you may never see again. You have nothing to lose. You learn to live in the moment when you’re away, because you want to make the most of your short vacation.

It’s the sense of time limitations that pushes us to seize each day when we’re on vacation. We don’t waste time getting caught up in our insecurities – we just put the damn bikini on. We don’t hide out in our hotel room on a Friday night – we go out for drinks with that cute guy (or girl) from the pool because we don’t have time to be insecure or shy.

Adopting this go-for-it mentality allows you to take advantage of more opportunities, and you don’t shy away from experiences. On vacation, you’re less reserved, less inhibited, more outgoing and more confident. You take advantage of every opportunity to flirt with someone, and you have the type of confidence you can only get from being in a different area code. And who knows, maybe that vacation hook-up could turn into something real.

4. Spend some time at various resorts using a day pass

Why not buy a day pass for a few different resorts and meet the guests? It’s a great way to meet singles poolside, especially if you go to the adults-only resort called Secrets Los Cabos, the party resort ME Cabo, and the renowned Wyndham Cabo San Lucas. (The Wyndham is a resort you should visit regardless of being single or not – it’s that impressive.) Most resorts offer a day pass for less than $70 USD, and most even offer a guided club crawl, which is a safe way of checking out various bars and clubs outside of the resort, in a big group.

5. Choose a sunset boat cruise instead of a night club

Although lots of singles go to the downtown Cabo San Lucas bars and night clubs, it’s really not the best place to meet someone. It’s a messy, chaotic atmosphere that doesn’t encourage actual talking and it’s not the best scenario to meet someone of quality.

A public boat cruise is a better atmosphere to meet single people, and you can always ask questions before you book a spot on the boat. You might find out a big group of men (or women) will be on the boat.

6. Check out the popular beach bars, hotel bars and lobby lounges

There are certain hotels that are famous for having a consistently beautiful crowd at their hotel bar or lobby lounge. For example, the Rooftop bar at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, is Los Cabos’ only rooftop bar and it’s a great place to meet singles. Tip: befriend the bartender, because bartenders know everyone and they’re great connectors. Sitting at the bar also makes you approachable!

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