At the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, romance-starved couples can find themselves in Los Cabos, colloquially known as Cabo. 

Going to Los Cabos as a couple might be one of the most romantic vacations you’ll ever go on – if you do it right. You should, of course, pre-plan some date ideas. 

When it comes to date ideas in Cabo, you’re going for a transformative experience. No, you’re not going to Cabo Wabo Cantina for drinks. In Los Cabos, we keep it classy, and you can do better than that. You can do much, much better.

Why is Los Cabos Such a Romantic Destination?

Ah, Los Cabos. I feel all floaty and tingly just thinking about it. Here, at the tip of the Baja, the stars shine extra bright at night, but the beautiful sunny days and breathtaking sunsets that lead into those starry nights make you realize this destination truly has it all. 

If the afternoon sunshine, the evening sunset, and the night’s romantic diamond sky are in competition to win your heart, you’ll have to call it a 3-way tie. First place, however, probably goes to the one you’re vacationing there with, am I right?

Date Ideas in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a romantic destination and an awesome couples retreat for countless reasons. Romantic resorts have swim-up bars with pretty lights and feel-good music. Sunset boat rides operate every single day with a DJ and cocktails, cruising by the arches, and the beaches are simply beautiful.

Rock formations such as the iconic Land’s End arches (El Arco) and the beaches’ surrounding cliffs add a sense of natural wonder to your scenic gazing. Below are 5 date ideas in Cabo that will make you feel at peace and in love:

Rooftop at the Cape
Image courtesy of: The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

1. The Rooftop at The Cape

The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, is an ideal date night destination. The Rooftop at The Cape is a rooftop bar, lounge, and restaurant where you can expect some of the best sunset views in Cabo. Perfect views of the arches and Instagram-worthy vantage points are only made better with craft-cocktails in hand from legendary bartenders. 

You might already be sold, but the best is yet to come. After your perfect sunset, out comes the moon and the big, bright stars. You can expect some awesome live music on the roof, inviting young lovers to dance the night away under the moon, which is a transformative experience you’ll never forget. Covers of your favorite songs are often played by local bands that have their finger on the pulse of the crowd’s secret playlist delights. It’s nothing but good vibes at The Cape, baby. You’ll be under a spell in no time.

If you’re lucky enough to still be there when the crowd dies down and the band goes home, you’ll hear the distant sound of the waves crashing as you finish your last drink with your loved one on one of the comfy outdoor sectionals. The grounds of the hotel are beautiful to walk through at night, as The Cape is a truly unique location.

The Market at Quivira

2. The Market at Quivira

The Market at Quivira is a lesser-known date spot in Cabo, but it is a dining experience that is completely unrivaled because in all of Los Cabos, there is nothing else like it. The eclectic Market at Quivira has plenty of vendors to choose from, and it will remind you of walking through the streets of Italy.

Beautiful tiled floors inspired by the charm of old Europe are at your feet as you navigate all of the vendor options, some of whom offer free samples. After you purchase your meals, you can eat in a European-style courtyard with rose tiles, and an outdoor stone fountain. 

Whether you’re craving linguini, pizza, tacos, burgers, a Rueben sandwich, sushi, or a garden-fresh salad, you’ll find it here and it’s some of the absolute best food in Cabo, hands down. (Italian-style gelato is available at one of the stands here, too, and it’s a must-try.) 

Inside the Market at Quivira you’ll also find an adorable 1950s diner with a neon hot-pink sign. Milkshake with two straws, anyone?

While a fountain is the focal point of the outdoor courtyard, inside, the focal point is a round bar where expert bartenders are at your service for pretty much any cocktail you’re in the mood for.

If you’re staying at one of Pueblo Bonito’s beautiful resorts in Cabo, (I’d recommend Pueblo Bonito Rose, the iconic pink hotel) then the food at this amazing marketplace is complementary, as it’s part of your all-inclusive stay. Otherwise, the prices are affordable and the quality is incredible.

Flora Farms Red Truck

3. Flora Farms

Flora Farms is an oasis; a gem in Los Cabos that can’t be missed. The 25 acre organic farm is located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. 

Best visited as a lunchtime and afternoon date spot, start with lunch at Flora’s Field Kitchen before touring the lush and colorful grounds of Flora Farms.

Flora Farms restaurant
Flora Farms | Image courtesy of The Babe Report

Flora’s Field Kitchen is a unique and utterly charming farm-to-table restaurant with outdoor seating, live music, and hanging light fixtures that beautifully complement the surrounding exposed brick.

Flora Farms | Image courtesy of @ericaleighgordon

The farm fresh ingredients make for delicious handmade pizzas, and the cocktails are equally fresh and inviting. (I had a Honey Bourbon cocktail, but I double-fisted with organic cold-pressed juice, because vacation.) 

Flora Farms retro patio furniture
Retro Patio Furniture at Flora Farms | Image courtesy of The Babe Report

If retro throwbacks and a dose of nostalgia gets you excited, you’ll love walking through Flora Farms. As you tour the ground, you’ll notice plenty of vintage and retro patio furniture, in adorable pastel colors that you can’t resist Instagramming. The cutest-ever vintage ice-cream truck is nearby, offering you dessert to give you an excuse to sit in that retro swinging loveseat and enjoy. Keeping in tune with the vintage polaroid photoshoot vibe of this place, is of course a bright red truck and plenty of cute wooden benches situated in the lush green grass.

Los Palomas Restaurant Cabo
Image courtesy of Pueblo Bonito Resorts

4. Las Palomas

At Las Palomas beachfront restaurant, every table is an ocean view. The pops of color such as the spanish tiles and the creamsicle orange-and-white patterned tablecloths complement the surrounding turquoise blue ocean wonderfully. It goes without saying that spectacular sunsets can be viewed while you have dinner at this restaurant.

On the menu is regional specialties of Mexico and international fare, and I’d recommend the restaurant seating on the outdoor terrace. The sound of the waves crashing against the faded background music from inside the restaurant make for the perfect date night ambience.

This restaurant is located in Cabo San Lucas, where the downtown Cabo nightlife awaits if you’re in the mood to keep the night going after dinner. 

However, Las Palomas is an amazing brunch spot, too. If brunch dates are your jam, you should  know that the ocean-view tables aren’t the only thing this restaurant has going for it. Brunch includes yummy menu-items such as crepes, omelettes, banana and caramel pancakes, and fresh fruit smoothies.

Star gazing in Cabo
Image courtesy of Quivira Los Cabos

5. A Night of Star-Gazing

I’m going to be a little bit mad at you if at least one of your date nights isn’t spent star-gazing. This is a perfect date idea on its own, and many of Cabo’s hotels are set up for this, yet very few couples actually are out there doing it. You’re likely to have complete privacy if you’re out on those hotel lounge chairs stargazing at night. When I stayed at Quivira Los Cabos, there were beachside fire-pits and oceanfront daybeds that couples could stargaze from late into the night.

In Los Cabos, the stars are so big, bright and close-up that you feel as though you could almost reach out and touch them. Staring up at those mesmerizing stars while cuddling with your partner will only make you feel that much more connected to your partner, while instilling a sense of peace and relaxation. That’s what a vacation is all about, isn’t it? I promise you, if you stare up at those big, brilliant stars for long enough, you’ll get sucked into a surreal state of bliss.

Comment below and let me know: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done in Cabo?

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