This month’s Babe of the Month, Jason Tartick, is best known for his time on reality television, as he made it to the final 3 on season 14 of ABC’s The Bachelorette. He made fans around the world swoon with his good looks, remarkable intelligence, and his down-to-earth, charming and genuine personality. On Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, Jason Tartick quickly became a Bachelor Nation fan favorite, and has since developed a hit podcast, “Trading Secrets” which features various public figures and celebrity guests week to week.

This top charting business podcast has impressively surpassed 15 million downloads with over 100 episodes recorded, and counting. “Trading Secrets” breaks into the vault of secrets behind all thing’s money related, while exploring the curiosities listeners have regarding finances, earnings, and investing using insider knowledge from well-known celebrity guests and Jason’s own expertise. Jason has become a reliable, go-to expert on business and financial advice, for a new generation.

Jason Tartick is also the CEO and co-founder of Rewired Talent Management, a boutique talent management company that also works as an agency, having executed over 2,000 campaigns with over 300 public figures.   

Available for pre-order now and hitting the shelves on April 2nd, Jason Tartick’s highly anticipated second book, Talk Money to Me: The 8 Essential Financial Questions to Discuss with Your Partner has an important theme of love and money. We often see books discussing the many intricacies of love and relationships, and there are many books that address money management techniques. However, Jason Tartick’s book addresses the inner workings of love and money, which makes his book in a league of its own. 

Jason’s first book, The Restart Roadmap: Rewire and Reset Your Career, instantly became a Wall Street Journal bestseller, so his fans can’t wait to read Talk Money to Me. 

Below is our exclusive interview with Jason Tartick, where he provides valuable advice on business, growth strategies, love, heartbreak, and self-care:

What inspired your new book, Talk Money to Me, and who would benefit from reading it? 

JT: One of the big things I think is that we are just afraid to talk money in general. So I think this book is a great guide, to allow people to have fun with talking money. There are 10 to 20 questions in this book that you can ask on a date, and they’re great questions and they don’t have anything to do with how much money you make.

Jason Tartick
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An example would be something like, What’s one thing you spend too much money on but If you go broke tomorrow, you’ll still keep spending money on it? And, how would you define your relationship with money in three words? Or, if you won the lottery today and you won a million dollars and had to spend every cent, how would you spend it?

So essentially, there are fun ways to have conversations with money, and this book will teach people how to do that. I have a little saying I always say, which is, “if you’re in a position to have sex, well then you could start talking about checks”. So, you know, that’s a little fun saying, but the ideology is that before you move in, and if you are in a relationship, you should start having conversations about the money aspect of things and talk money with each other. And this book will teach you how to do so.

Reading Talk Money to Me is important because financial compatibility is equally as important as emotional compatibility, and the only way to find out if you and your partner are a match is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable conversations and talk money with each other – while also understanding your own finances.

Can you tell us a little about the book writing process? When did you start writing it and did you have help throughout the process? Any tips for those just starting their book writing process? 

JT: For the book, I created a 50 page proposal. I then worked with an agent and the agent signed me. The agents are really good at getting in front of the publishers. We got in front of the big five publishers, we met with them, and then four of them actually passed, but Harper Collins gave us a deal and it was a two book deal. The first book was The Restart Roadmap and the second book is my new one, Talk Money to Me.

Tips I’d give people who are writing a book is to either work with a book agent, a publisher, and if that doesn’t work, you can self-publish. So there are enough opportunities and avenues these days that if you have an idea and you have a book written, you can get it off the ground.

It’s no secret that you got your heart broken just over 6 months ago. How is your heart now? Are you still heartbroken from your split with Kaitlyn Bristowe, or have you healed? 

JT: I have gone through the grieving process, in its entirety. 

I have healed from my past and I am looking forward to what’s to come.

Any tips for people currently going through heartbreak and struggling to move forward? What worked for you?

JT: My biggest piece of advice for anyone that’s going through a heartbreak is to really do some digging within, and really try to understand yourself better than you ever have. Also, try to understand that in life, setbacks are huge opportunities for growth, and that tomorrow you’re going to be in a better position because of what you learned yesterday.

The other big piece of advice is make sure that you are surrounded by the healthiest humans you possibly could be. Not all the time in life are you going to need those that you love to pour into you. But when your heart is broken, you will need those that you love to pour into you. And you will return that favor, but let those people pour love into you when you need them the most. 

Understand the emotions that you’re enduring. speak about them, feel them, name them, drain them, and go through the work you need to to understand yourself better. Really try to outgrow any type of toxic behavior, toxic trait, or toxic energy and try to eliminate that from your life because it’s time to pour into you and worry about what’s next. 

For example, one thing that I needed to work on was my tendency towards self-sacrifice through people pleasing. I often self-sacrifice to provide for and care for others. 

An unhealthy version of this in Cartman’s Triangle is called “The Rescuer.” And I have worked aggressively to become the healthy version of that, which is called, “The Coach”. Understand that you have to create boundaries, and that healthy people accept boundaries. 

Something I’ve worked on is understanding that constantly self-sacrificing is only going to hurt yourself. So you have to take care of yourself first, and then worry about the needs of others. In order to show up for people to be a good friend, to be the best son to your mom or dad, the best colleague to your bosses, or the best partner in a relationship, you really need to make sure you’re pouring into yourself, because if you pour into yourself, you will be able to show up as the best version of yourself for others.

The “Love Cloud” you mentioned in your book is quite common, and for many people, love can act as a blinder to a partner’s negative traits. Do you believe that when someone’s out of that Love Cloud, they have the ability to suddenly see clearly (in retrospect) some undesirable dynamics or traits they’d turned a blind eye to?

JT: I would say, regarding the Love Cloud, I think it’s more important to understand some of the things that put you into that cloud, and to understand how (moving forward) you could instead lead with intuition. 

And it’s always about not pointing the finger at someone’s undesirable traits, but instead pointing the thumb at yourself to understand. What are things in the past that blinded you?

And how do you make sure tomorrow that you’re not once again blinded by those things? In my book, Talk Money to Me, there are many examples of people that were in relationships and were blinded. As a result of being blinded, they were completely taken advantage of financially. And you’ll hear their lessons regarding that.

Now that Talk Money to Me is finished being written, what do you think your next big project will be? 

JT: Right now, I’m still very just focused on Talk Money To Me. We are going on a book tour. We have a 10 city tour that we’re going on. So I’m just very excited about the tour. We’re going to have some of the best guests out there.

I do also have some other ventures coming up that I’m excited about, but right now I want to make this book as big as it can be, because the impact through this type of education truly could be massive.

You have been very open about numbers and money on your podcast, especially about how much you make as an influencer on social media. What would you say to people who feel inspired by this, want to try to grow a following, but it’s not as easy for them because they aren’t aren’t known from TV? Any growth strategies you’d suggest?

JT: When it comes to growth strategies, it’s never been easier for people than it is now, to grow a following without having been on TV. The systems are set up within these platforms now to give people the ability to grow without having a TV personality. And now more than ever, most of the successful creators and influencers don’t actually have a background in TV. So you no longer need that platform.

The biggest piece of advice I’d give to people is if you have an idea, stop overthinking it and do it – and do it consistently. If you are consistent, the platforms are put in a position today to reward you. Do it consistently, do it often, and don’t overthink what other people are going to think of you. Just do it.

Give it a go. In today’s world, you often have to have a social media presence to be successful, no matter what your position is, no matter what you do. So, don’t delay. Get in the game, be authentic to you, be consistent, and just give it a shot. 

As a newly single man, now is the time to focus on yourself! How are you viewing this as an opportunity for personal growth?

JT: When it comes to personal growth, I take it seriously and I go to therapy every three weeks. So anything and everything I can do to continue to grow, individually and with professional help through a therapist, is something that I am continuously seeking. 

The agency that I co-founded, Rewired Talent Management is doing great, we had a 2X growth last year and we’re off to an amazing start this year.

So I’m just very focused on just my overall happiness. Making sure that I’m leading with my needs, and what I need personally and professionally. I’ve noticed that things have really blossomed for me. 

I’m excited about where the agency is at. I’m excited about where the book is at. And my podcast is growing.

I also have some other ventures coming up that I’m excited about.

So in general, the future is bright and I’m – I’m just so grateful, that’s the word. I just feel so grateful for where I am today, and who I’ve become, and I’m excited about what’s next!

You can support Jason Tartick (and gain tons of wisdom) by pre-ordering his new book, “Talk Money to Me: The 8 Essential Financial Questions to Discuss with Your Partner” here.

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