Are you sick of feeling fatigued or low-energy, especially if you have work that needs to be done but you just don’t feel up for it? Perhaps you really want to attend that awesome workout class, but you don’t feel energetic enough to go. We can help get you over the hump and into the gym in no time!

Whether you’re in a crappy mood, feeling low on energy, or just feeling lethargic, there are certain tips and tricks that can definitely help boost both your spirits and your sense of motivation. Here are 8 things you should do every morning, or throughout the day, for more energy and a better mood:

1. Use essential oils. The scent of invigorating essential oils can give you a boost of energy. Revitalizing and uplifting scents such as rosemary and peppermint can be found in Saje’s Energy Remedy. It comes in a rollerball you can apply to your skin and inhale, or a misting spray for a mist effect so that you can literally breathe in energy. Don’t be a stranger to the amazing side effects stimulating scents can have on your mind and body.

2. Lay off the booze. When you give up booze for even just a few weeks, you’ll notice the difference in your energy levels and your mood. Alcohol is a depressant, so it’s normal to feel depressed and moody after a day of drinking. You’ll notice an increase in your mood if you cut back.

3. Eat kiwis. Kiwis have twice as much potassium as a banana, and they’re also packed with vitamin C and fiber. The kiwi’s natural sugars will give you a rush of energy and keep your hunger satisfied on the go. It’s the perfect snack to eat right before a meeting or before the gym – basically any time you need a bit of an extra energy boost, eat a kiwi!

4. Drink lemon water. Lemons are a natural energy source, and a great source of vitamin C. If you’re feeling stressed, your vitamin C levels are likely quite low, so you could definitely use the boost that drinking lemon water will give you. Even the scent of lemons helps to calm the mind and improve the mood. In the morning, the very first thing you should do is squeeze a couple of lemons into a glass, then fill the glass with lukewarm to moderately cold water to dilute the lemon. Drink, and repeat at least one more time. You’ll get a natural energy boost, plus a variety of health benefits from the lemon’s vitamins and nutrients.

5. Drink Emergen-C: Mixing a package of Emergen-C into your water is a great way to get an instant energy boost any time throughout the day. You might think your Emergen-C packets could be saved for the days you feel reallyterrible and need that 1000mg dose of vitamin C, but they’re also a much healthier alternative to your daily energy drink. The packets contain 32 active mineral complexes, which is why you feel much more lively after consumption. In general, these packets are great to have on hand since they’re packed with everything your body needs to recover from an illness or bounce back from a fatigued state.

6. Get as much fresh air as possible. You always hear about how exposure to fresh air increases your energy level and brightens your mood, but the first time I realized the truth in this statement was when I spent a weekend glamping. Yes, glamorous camping – I lived in a luxurious tent for a weekend and it was amazing. At night, I could hear the wind and feel fresh air all around me. I was in nature but still had a comfy bed to sleep on in my tent. I noticed that I had more energy in the morning, and I didn’t wake up as tired or as moody as I usually do. I knew it was because of how much fresh air gets into the tent all night through the tent’s big screens. All night, I was literally enveloped in fresh air, and it did wonders for my mood and energy levels. I definitely recommend glamping, but in the meantime try sleeping with your windows open instead of using a fan, or taking a walk outside first thing in the morning.

7. Stick to low-glycemic foods. Have you ever noticed how tired and lethargic you feel after eating high-glycemic foods such as white rice or pasta? Eating high-glycemic foods will result in laziness as your blood sugar often drops after eating them. You’ll be much more productive and energetic throughout the day if you stick to eating low-glycemic foods such as vegetables, brown rice, hummus and beans, as these options keep your blood sugar steady. Other great low-glycemic foods to eat when you’re feeling tired are cucumbers and edamame. Cucumbers are a water-rich food, so they hydrate your body – and hydration definitely helps the body overcome fatigue. Edamame is packed with fiber and protein which fuel your body throughout the day, and it’s an easy snack on the go.

8. Tidy your space. Tidying your apartment every morning will automatically lift your spirits. You’ll naturally feel more upbeat and happier when your surroundings are neat and organized. There’s an entire book about this phenomenon which was a #1 New York Times Bestseller. The book is called The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo, I highly recommend reading it.

9. Shower in cold water. Washing your face and body with cold water in the morning is a great way to instantly wake up. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you feel more alert and ready to start your day. If you need to achieve this effect on the run, try pressing ice cubes under each of your eyes and on your forehead.

10. Drink a green cold-pressed juice. Find your nearest organic juice shop and get a punch card, because you’ll be addicted to the amazing effects from drinking cold-pressed juices. An organic, cold-pressed green juice typically has approximately 3 pounds of organic vegetables and fruits packed into one bottle of juice. In this sense, the bottle of juice itself acts as a multivitamin. It’s packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are great for your health and an awesome source of natural energy.

11. Hit the gym. When you’re tired and you don’t feel like going to the gym, try your best to go anyways as sometimes the gym itself is the best way to cure your fatigue. Exercising releases endorphins, which put you in a better mood and a more alert mental state. It’s no secret that a hard-core workout can successfully wake up the mind and body.

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