“Sex and the City” is a TV series with which the women of Generation-Y grew up. The show served as every female’s version of the Holy Bible, and it reflected nothing but truth when it came to what single ladies watching were actually thinking.

The hit HBO series accomplished its success through the portrayal of realistically frustrating circumstances, which single women often experience in real life. Here are 19 truths that prove that the “Sex and the City” characters Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbs and Samantha Jones hit it right on the money – every.single.time.

1. We’re all tired of dating.

Dating really is way too exhausting. Why should I wash my hair and put makeup on when there’s a new Will Ferrell movie on Netflix?

2. And we’re kind of in denial…

When you know deep down that you should probably try dating guys outside of your”type” for once.

3. We know there is a ton of competition, but we’re hoping we can win him over with our personalities:

Having a great personality is way harder to come by than a hot body, and every guys out there knows it.

4. We can’t cook worth sh*t, OK?

Even though we know the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, we’re still hoping to win him over with our personality.

5. Who needs a boyfriend when you have great girlfriends?

sex and the city animated GIF

We’ll be okay as long as we have great girlfriends.

6. We wish we had the same confidence in public that we seem to have in the privacy of our own homes:

dancing animated GIF

If only walls could talk.

7. It’s pretty baffling when everything seems to turn him on except for us:

sex and the city animated GIF

I can almost empathize because I too am often turned on by a sandwich.

8. That’s about when it’s time for us to eat (and drink) our feelings:

sex and the city animated GIF


Nothing takes the pain away better than really delicious fast food. Is that why people always lose weight when they’re suddenly happier?

9. Because the reality is….

sex and the city animated GIF

I may not have a man in my life who cares about me, but I do have a friend who lets me visit her puppy sometimes. That helps.

6. And sometimes we feel like this:

He’s. Just. Not. That. Into. You. That’s why.

11. But we want to feel like this:

15 Ways "Sex And The City" Lied To Me About Life

Oh kissing in the rain. REAL ORIGINAL!

12. Or this.

15 Ways "Sex And The City" Lied To Me About Life

F*ck yes.

13. So we have another drink,

Bottoms up. Mike who?

14. Aaaand we make that phone call where we’re a bit too honest:


15. Which is around when we realize –

It’s ok, you needed to get drunk.

16. At least for now, we can have good times like this:

13 Lessons In Healthy Living You Learned From "Sex And The City"

17. And we still get excited about some stuff. For example, we still get excited when our friends ask us if we want to have a girls-night-in and order like, 5 pizzas, and we’re all like:

yes animated GIF

There’s something about ordering 5 pizzas that I just don’t feel comfortable doing with a guy I’m seeing. I think I feel like he might judge me or something. This is why I need my girlfriends. Or at least pretend I’m with  girlfriends so that I can order 5 pizzas and pretend there’s more than one of us. The best is when I order Chinese Food and I’m asked how many sets of chopsticks I need. Am I supposed to say two?

18. In the end though, what we truly want – our bottom line – looks something like this:

love animated GIF   love animated GIF
love animated GIF love animated GIF
love animated GIF  love animated GIF

Wouldn’t that be nice. “Can’t-live-without-each-other-love.” Yes please.

19. Until then, ladies, keep your chin up and don’t settle for less than you deserve – because you’re amazing!

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