A bridesmaid dress doesn’t have to be a one-time wear, and if your bridesmaids are going to spend money on a beautiful dress, why not choose a fashionable style they could wear again? This way, the dress can be worn multiple times, when they’re a guest at another wedding, formal event or work party. The bride, the bridesmaids, and anyone involved in the decision should all be advocating for a style that can be put to use again – because it would be a shame if it was a one-hit wonder.

The key is to choose a style of bridesmaids dress that is simple both in terms of style and in terms of color choice. Neutral colors or soft patterns can be worn again, while bright or bold styles often won’t be worn again. Semi-formal, comfortable styles will be worn again because they’re versatile, and they’ll also be more affordable than lavish dresses. Something over-the-top, however,  such as a prominent rhinestone-embellished dress, is hardly going to qualify for a second appearance.

Is you best friend getting married? When you’re searching for the perfect wedding dress, keep your eye out for bridesmaids dresses that you can picture yourself wearing again, and remember that by adding accessories, you can turn a bridesmaids dress into a totally different outfit. Here are 5 bridesmaids dress styles that could definitely be worn again:

Floral Bridesmaids Dress (Image: Sawyer Baird)


1. Florals are always in style

Florals never go out of fashion, and a subtle floral pattern fits the theme of a wedding because it’s soft, romantic and elegant. Brides will love this choice because the delicate floral pattern contrasts nicely with a smooth white wedding dress, and patterned bridesmaids allows a bride in pure white to stand out a lot more.

Bridesmaids will love the floral bridesmaids dress, too, because they’ll definitely want to wear that pretty flowered dress again. It will basically look like a wardrobe staple in the form of a floral maxi dress. Throw a denim jacket over a floral bridesmaids dress when you wear it again, to make it more casual, if need be.

Floral dresses will also work great as a go-to dress for a fancy summer rooftop party, a beach wedding, or a fancy date night dress.

Two-Piece Bridesmaids Dress from Azazie Bridal

2. Two-piece bridesmaids dresses allow for versatility

By choosing separates, in the form of a two-piece bridesmaid dress that has a separate skirt and top, you’ll be wearing it again and again. You’ll be able to mix-and-match to create different looks and different outfits, long after your friend’s wedding. To get the bridesmaid look, pair a lace top with a tulle chiffon skirt, so that it looks like a two-toned bridesmaids dress. Check out this beautiful tulle Azazie Sylvie separate, which is only $50 and is definitely affordable. When you need a fancy outfit for another event or another wedding, pair that same skirt with a different top. And, when you need a less formal look, pair the skirt with a casual crop top or bodysuit underneath.

Black Bridesmaids Dress from Azazie.com

3. A black dress is the safest choice

Want to know the beauty of a plain black dress? It will never look like the same dress you wore to a friend’s wedding! The reason for this is because you can make it look like a different outfit by wearing bright red shoes with it, or a statement necklace, or by styling it in your own way while attending another wedding. You can transform the entire look by wearing a gold belt with it, a sequined cardigan, etc. Choose a black bridesmaids dress and it will get used again. Check out this simple and flattering black bridesmaids dress, the Azazie Haleigh, which is only $129.

Bridesmaids Jumpsuit from JLM Couture

4. Bridesmaid jumpsuits create a casual yet flawless style statement

Perhaps, the bride is edgy and trendy, and wants to do something a little less traditional and a little more fun. Perhaps the bride wants her bridesmaids to wear jumpsuits instead of dresses. It’s natural to be weary of an idea like this, but jumpsuits make a lasting impression – especially, in weddings. Any wedding with a nontraditional theme will be admired.

Some jumpsuits are very flowy and elegant, and as a bridesmaid you’ve won because you’ll be significantly more comfortable in pants. No inner thigh sweat bothering you, no chafing, and easier mobility. Jumpsuits also allow for several post-wedding looks, such as a casual jumpsuit by day with converse and a leather jacket, or a fancy jumpsuit by night – with heels and a fun belt.

Knee-Length Bridesmaids Dress from Azazie.com

5. A shorter bridesmaids dress can be used as a sundress after the wedding

By opting for a shorter bridesmaids dress that is cocktail dress length rather than floor-length, you’ll create loads more opportunities to wear it again. Longer dresses are more formal, which means you can wear them less often. Shorter bridesmaids dresses can be worn at cocktail parties, or used as a sundress when you go on vacation. Check out this knee-length, casual and stylish bridesmaids dress: The Azazie Heidi, which is only $109 and comes in over 50 different colors. Want to wear it again in the summer time? No problem! Simply throw a floral kimono over top of it, and it’s a whole new outfit!

Feature image dresses by Beach Riot, photographed by Jordan Voth Photography

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