When you’re writing out your list of New Year’s Resolutions, you’re probably thinking up resolutions along the lines of practice daily gratitude; go to the gym at least three times per week; find a mentor who has screenwriting experience; take vegan cooking classes – etc. Those are all great goals to have, but don’t forget about the resolutions that will better your relationships. There are certain habits that if mastered can absolutely help you build more solid relationships in 2016, and mastering these positive habits should definitely be on your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions that will help you navigate the dating scene and better connect with others in 2016:

1. Be more communicative and open in 2016. Being open, honest and straightforward will certainly help you build more stable relationships in the new year. Navigating the dating scene successfully requires you to be honest about how you feel, assertive when something bothers you, straightforward about your intentions and open to having a deep and meaningful conversation from time to time. In short, no game-playing and no passivity.

2. Go on more dates in 2016. We might go on less dates than we could because of the effort involved. We have to get ready, be energetic, be funny – the list goes on. It’s understandable when people say “dating is exhausting” but what we sometimes forget is that the effort is worth it and we all deserve to have a fun night out every once in awhile. Rather than rarely going on a date because of the energy a date requires, we should instead make a resolution that encourages us to go on a minimum of two dates per month. Choose a number that seems reasonable, and try to stick to it. Getting yourself out there and breaking the dry spell of dating is half the battle.

3. Ensure your actions match your words in 2016. It’s pretty hard to have a great dating life if you don’t act with integrity, and if you lack follow-through. We need to mean what we say and say what we mean. If we say we want to see someone again, we need to follow-through with a plan. If we say we really like someone, we should act in a way that shows it. If we say we’re grateful to have met someone, we should not take that person for granted. If your actions match your words, you’ll be respected – and the respect from those you’re dating is a crucial ingredient for a healthy dating life.

4. Engage in less text-message conversations in 2016. A great goal to have is to engage in more in-person conversations and less text-message conversations in the new year. Save that hilarious story or that great news for the next date instead of texting it. Wouldn’t you rather have a more in-depth discussion about it or see their reaction in person? If you’ve already said it over texts, your date might wonder why you’re repeating yourself in person, which is exactly why anything notable should be saved for an in-person revelation.

5. Give people second chances in 2016. A bad first date is often the end of it for many of us. It’s common to decide not to agree to a second date if we didn’t feel a connection during the first date. But what if your date is simply terrible at first dates due to nerves or anxiety and they therefore didn’t act like themselves? Perhaps your date wasn’t able to loosen up or enjoy the date because they were over-thinking how the date was going, or they were too nervous and jittery. You never know. The point is, give people the opportunity for a second date if you’re unsure whether or not there’s a connection – don’t write someone off so soon. If the second date ends up being awesome, you won’t regret it. First impressions aren’t always accurate.

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