Since Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May, we’re often blessed with beautiful, sunny, spring weather on Mother’s Day. If you’re organizing a sunny Sunday brunch for your mom this weekend, there are certain gifts you can bring with you that will add to the experience, and make Mother’s Day brunch that much more special. Perhaps you have siblings, and each of you will be bringing your own dish to make it a potluck-style brunch for Mom. And, if you’re each supposed to bring a gift for Mom as well, below are 5 perfect gifts to bring to Mother’s Day brunch:

1. Gold Rose Table Centerpiece

Another gift that will certainly add to the aesthetic of a lovely Mother’s Day brunch is a beautiful table centerpiece. A vase containing a few gold-dipped roses is a centerpiece that won’t go unnoticed. The Eternity Rose is a company that sells unique gold-dipped roses. They take natural roses in their full bloom, and dip them in 24-karat gold, eternally preserving the roses in their prime stage of bloom. Just as every rose is unique, each Eternity Rose is different and beautiful in its own way, so this company is essentially transforming flowers into art. Place a few of these gold roses in a pretty vase, and your table centerpiece will be one to beat, that’s for sure. These 24-karat gold roses will sparkle and shine in the center of the table. And, once they’re no longer being used as a table centerpiece, Mom can use them as home decor wherever she’d like to display them.

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2. Essential Oil Diffuser

To add to the ambiance of brunch, why not add some nice scents to the air? Companies such as Saje not only sell lovely-smelling essential oils, but they also provide stylish diffusers to go with it. They even have home decorating guru Jillian Harris designing a beautiful essential oil diffuser with them. The diffuser can act as home decor and an essential oil diffuser not only makes a great Mother’s Day gift, but it will enhance the ambiance during your Mother’s Day celebration.

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3. Fancy Coffee

You can’t have a fancy Mother’s Day brunch without fancy coffee. A great gift idea is to bring some very high-end coffee to serve at brunch, but also bring an unopened bag of it as a gift for Mom. Luxury coffee retailers such as Atlas Coffee Club sell artfully roasted, premium coffee that is sourced from farms around the world. The locations are known for being areas that have the finest coffee beans in the world, and the packaging is very colorful and fun – perfect for a Mother’s Day celebration.

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4. Potted Plant

From naturally purifying the air, to adding to one’s home decor, potted plants are always a good idea. A potted plant that will last a long time is not only a great gift idea for Mom, but it’ll also add to the decor of Mother’s Day brunch. Consider buying Mom a succulent, a bonsai tree, a cute cactus, anthurium, or any other beautiful plant the shop owner recommends. Make sure tp spring for a beautiful pot, because Mom deserves a whole lot better than a plain brown pot. Most plant shops sell extremely artistic, colorful, gorgeous pots that you can put the plant. Picking out a pretty pot makes this a thoughtful gift Mom won’t forget.

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5. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are another great gift because they not only add to the aesthetic of brunch with their beautiful appearance, but flowers also add a nice smell to the air. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh flowers? When you’re at the flower shop, be sure to smell the flowers before buying them. Choose a fresh bouquet with a lovely scent, and get the owner of the shop to tie some ribbon around the bouquet for you. Your presence is the best present of all, but showing up with something pretty for Mom is never a bad idea.

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