It only takes a few first date outfit fails where you felt over-dressed and too done up to realize that less is more when it comes to making a great first impression. It’s best to showcase your best self (and your real self) without it seeming as though you’re clearly trying too hard.

Some men will wonder what’s hiding under all that makeup, and they’ll know that this isn’t what you look like every day. Some men may also wonder what you’re compensating for with all of that fancy clothing, and others will judge your overly done-up look – assuming that you must be high maintenance. Most of the time, coming across as high maintenance will have you deemed less attractive than a casual and approachable look which relies on a more effortless, natural style of beauty.

There’s something incredibly sexy about the effortless look, when a woman chooses forgo the bells and whistles, and shows up with confidence as herself. Doing less will result in a more immediate connection, because by doing less that means you haven’t shown up in some costume that hides the real you.

It’s important to note that when I say less is more, I do not mean less clothing. Showing too much skin is another example of blatantly trying too hard. It’s not classy and it’s a cheap way of getting validated by your date. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect first date look without overdoing it:

1. Natural beauty requires minimal makeup

Achieving that natural beauty is easy when you keep your eye makeup simple. For example, you could volumize your lashes, but skip the bold eyeliner. If you volumize and darken your eyelashes with a really great mascara, you’ll find that you might not need eyeliner or as much eyeshadow. Your eyes will still pop, even if you just have mascara on, especially if it’s a dramatic mascara such as Too Faced ‘Better than Sex’ mascara. To maximize the effect of mascara, you can thicken your lashes with a lash lift at your local eyelash studio. Now that you’ve got the eye makeup right, you’ll need a lipstick color that compliments your skin tone and looks natural – so no hot pink or bright red lipstick this time.  While a bold lip color can be sexy, your lips actually look more kissable when you’re wearing a softer color. Red lips can come across as a bit over-eager or aggressive on a first date, and if it smudges during your date it’ll be very noticeable and awkward.

2. Avoid flashy jewelry

Subtle makeup pairs well with subtle jewelry, so keep your jewelry simple and classic. Wear small stud earrings that sparkle, rather than dramatic tassle earrings. Layer some simple, delicate and feminine necklaces for a classy look that isn’t over-the-top. Check out these layering tips, which include layering dainty gold necklaces and rings. Why gold? Because gold pieces will to blend in with your skin a bit more than silver will, and this will add a feminine glow to your outfit. Dainty pieces also don’t come across as attention-seeking pieces, so you’ll appear more casual, and therefore more attractive.

3. Wear something comfortable, casual and chic

If you wear something too tight, too revealing, or something you constantly have to adjust, you’ll be a distraction. However, if you wear an outfit that is cozy, comfortable, classy, cute, casual and chic – you’ll both look and feel like you’re enjoying yourself more. (I swear it’s a coincidence that all of those things started with the letter ‘C’.) I guess now thanks to me, you’ll always remember that the 6 ‘C’s equate to the perfect first date outfit.

There is such a thing as a casual, soft sweater that just looks sexy without you trying. Pair that with skinny jeans and add a touch of sex appeal with a carefully chosen pair of high heels. There’s something undeniably sexy about a closed-toe stiletto pump, and high heels lift your butt and compliment your feminine silhouette. This pair of red leather pumps from Runway Passport adds a pop of color (red is sexy) and this pair of lace-up high heels are incredibly hot as well. When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, remember that leather accents are sexy, red is a hot color, and a stiletto pump elongates your legs and lifts your derriere. If you choose a more neutral colored shoe, some lace-up detailing that wraps around your ankle will add that sex appeal to an otherwise refined date night outfit.

4. Get a natural-looking glow before your date

Bronzed, glowing skin always completes a look – especially since your skin is your best accessory. Plenty of women will maintain that they look better with a tan, and after getting a flawless glow with a spray tan, they suddenly feel less of a need for makeup. Self-tanner will perfect and even out your skin, especially if it’s done with a spray tan booth or a professional airbrush technician to guarantee an even and smooth application.

Earlier, we discussed trying to wear minimal makeup, and evening out your skin tone with self-tanner will help you wear less makeup. Less makeup shows that you’re not ‘trying’ to impress him – you’re just being yourself.

5. Wear your hair in natural waves or in a simple style

We’ve established that men love it when women look natural, so when it comes to hair, natural-looking waves are going to be a fantastic first date look. Wearing your hair half-up also creates that cute-but-sexy look, so have a look online at some half-up style ideas that look simple yet chic. Avoid the flashy, sparkly barrettes or headbands for the first date and keep it simple. When in doubt, just wear your hair down and don’t put any sticky products in it. The Sleep Styler is a fantastic way to create natural-looking curls without any styling products.

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