Ever since the very first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place last year in Denver, Colorado, cannabis weddings have become the talk of the town. Weed weddings are bound to become the next big trend in weddings, and most guests certainly won’t complain about receiving a gourmet cannabis wedding favor as a parting gift either. Your guests will also be bragging about the fact that the wedding they went to had both a bartender and a budtender. In the states where marijuana is legal such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California, several wedding planners are quickly jumping on the weed wedding planning train to get a head start in what’s sure to be the next big thing for cannabis-loving couples. Here are 7 cannabis wedding favors that are perfect for your awesome weed wedding:

Mini jars of joints! Image credit: Pinterest

1. Personalized jar of joints

Use mini mason jars or any cute, small jar to gift gourmet joints of the finest strain. Your wedding guests will love that they get to take home some of the premium cannabis they sampled at your wedding, and any parting gift that lets them get high later is a great one. Complete these cute wedding favors with a customized tag that describes the strain and flips over to reveal a thank-you note from the bride and groom. These adorable mini jars of joints make a fantastic wedding favor.

2. Individual packages of delicious edibles

Get a cannabis-educated chef to create some delicious marijuana-infused edibles. Cute individual packaging lets you gift these fun edibles to your guests and they make for a tasty (and exhilarating) treat for another day. You can opt for individually packaged weed cookies, mini weed brownies or even package up a variety of fun edibles for each guest.

Image: Doob tubes from Doobtubin.com

3. A custom-labeled doob tube with a joint in it

Doob tubes are a great gift in themselves, because they keep your joints fresh and they make sure your whole purse, pocket or bag doesn’t reek of weed by concealing the scent in an air-tight container that perfectly fits one joint. So, custom-label that doob tube with a funny message for each guest and put a joint in there? Best wedding favor ever.

4. “Bring me weed” socks

Why not keep your guests’ feet warm and cozy while also keeping with the cannabis theme? These hilarious socks that say “if you can read this, bring me weed” on the feet are perfect wedding favors for your weed-loving wedding guests. You can find these awesome socks on Etsy.

5. Weed lollipops

Weed lollipops are an awesome gift because you can slowly enjoy one while slowly getting high. Plus, they’re a pretty unique gift since in general, it’s not easy to get your hands on a weed lollipop. Only certain establishments make them and sell them, so it’s sure to be much-appreciated if you can get your hands on some for your guests. Check your local medical marijuana establishments to see if they supply cannabis lollipops. Get custom labels printed from a separate establishment and swap the label on each lollipop out for your own.

Image: Pinterest

6. Boxes of customized matches

Hey, every cannabis lover needs something to light their joint with, so why not get creative with some customized boxes of matches? You can design the box with a personalized message from the bride and groom, so that any time they light up they think of your special day.

7. Individual packages of cannabis

You can keep it real simple, here. Individual packages of premium cannabis will always be a great wedding favor. If you want to keep things easy for yourself, don’t bother going over-the-top with the packaging. It’s the quality of the weed that counts.


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