Wardrobe essentials are well – essential to say the least. We all know and love the classics, like our favourite skinny jeans with a classic plain white t-shirt. In 2016, however, we have started to see some old trends re-emerging in a more classy and elegant way. Don’t worry – this list isn’t going to completely take you out of your comfort zone, but it will enhance the summer fashion collection you already own. Adding these ‘must haves’ and fun throwbacks to your wardrobe this summer will add fashion-sense to your outfits without costing you an arm and a leg. Here are 7 items you need in your closet this summer:

1. A Choker Necklace

choker pic

By now you’ve probably seen the choker all over Instagram, and your favorite celebs are rocking it which makes it true: The choker has officially made a comeback.  Not only is it back in style, but it’s gaining popularity very quickly

It’s clear why the old time favourite of the 90’s has gotten huge again. It’s delicate, yet flirty, while being different and stylish. Go for a thicker black choker for more of an edgy look, or a very thin white one with sparkles for a girly, more dainty feel. If you don’t want to go out and buy one, you can even make some at home with a simple piece of ribbon or an old headband.

Check out this long list of affordable chokers to get some inspiration.

2. Crochet Bikini



If you were ever contemplating purchasing a crochet bikini, the time is now. I know what you’re thinking: It’s a little dated, retro, and a perhaps too folk-like. But if you manage to find the right fit and pattern, it could accentuate all the right places. If you’re not into the cream bikini, try one in a bright and more summery colour. Even better, get one in Pantone’s rose quartz pink, which is a very ‘in’ colour right now and was named colour of the year.

You’ll notice the sexiest models rocking this gorgeous trend. Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel wore a skimpy crochet bikini to show off her new and ever growing baby bump. Swanepoel is not the only one sporting this style – you’ll see many other celebrities wearing crochet cover-ups and even crochet tank tops.

3. Denim Dress

denim dress

Denim dresses are big this summer, and you know how hot a well-fitted piece of denim is! A light denim jacket and a button-up denim dress are musts in the summer wardrobe. Some shops that carry these adorable pieces: Forever21, TopShop, Gap, Nordstrom.

To top it off, add a cute pair of fashionable sneakers and a choker.

4. Fashionable Sneakers


Fashion sneakers are the rave this summer – Converse, Superga, or Adidas Superstar are a few of the brands all the ladies are getting their hands on.

These shoes have been essentials for every season, but this season they’re becoming even more popular than they’ve ever been. Ladies are wearing floral sundresses with a pair of white converse, denim dresses with red converse, and a classic slouchy t-shirt and jeans with a pair of Adidas.

If you’re on a budget, stores such as Target, Ardenes, and Walmart have these types of shoes for anywhere from $9.99 – $16.99.

5. Statement Handbag

fringe bag

Handbags this season are being used for pops of colour, and often they have fringe. Boho-chic is at an all time high when it’s coming to women’s handbags. Think refined backpacks, saddle bags, and crossbodies that are less structured and more casual. However, if you’re like me and like a more structured neutral look – small accents are the way to go. Add the tassels to the zippers if you don’t like fringe and hopefully your pop of colour will be in the lining of your new bag! If you’re not into name brands – you’re in luck, these bags don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, as you can find great deals on Amazon and Etsy.

6. Off-the-shoulder Tops

cold shoulder

The off-the-shoulder look is back, and better than ever. Showing the shoulders is a sexy and flirty look that’s perfect for the summer. You can even wear what’s called a cold-shoulder top which is when slits in the top’s shoulders show a peak of your sun-kissed skin.

There’s lots of fun ways to play with this look, as we’re even seeing off-the-shoulder rompers and sundresses this season.

6. Overalls



Overalls are back, and to be honest – I’m not surprised. When rompers came into style, I knew overalls would come back in, because when you think about it, the two trends aren’t that different.

You can incorporate the denim trend by getting denim overalls, or choose a crisp white or a classic black pair. You can even make them look edgy if you get a pair that has zipper embellishments on them.

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