Online dating has become one of the most popular ways to meet someone, and it is a great avenue to successfully meet women. Gentlemen: whether you are using POF, Tinder or to meet women, the type of profile you create will determine the quality of the woman who swipes right or messages you back. A successful online dating profile that works is key.

How you portray yourself on your online dating profile is extremely important, especially if you want to attract quality women. Quality women are generally quite picky, but with these profile tips you will be sure to succeed in giving a great first impression. You have the ability to create a profile that will impress women.

When sifting through profiles, a woman is looking at each profile and making a decision about you then and there. Generally, women are much more selective than men when it comes to who they will swipe right for. Follow these eight profile tips to catch a good woman’s interest.

1. Show your outdoorsy or active side in your photos 

Women want to see photos of you being active or doing something outdoors. A photo taken outdoors also has better lighting, so you’ll look better in the photo! A photo of you walking your dog or playing golf with your Dad will get you a lot farther than a photo of you at the bar, drinking.

2. List your profession

Women are generally looking for someone who is career driven and goal-oriented. Sarah Gooding, the dating coach at the world’s largest dating site, PlentyOfFish, suggests that if you do not have a profession you’re proud of, “instead of not listing your profession, use the description section of your profile to talk about where you want to be, showing your ambition and your goals.” Having ambition is incredibly sexy, so you definitely want to showcase that in the ‘about me’ section. If you are career established, show women that side of you in your profile.

3. Do not take selfies or post gym photos 

Do not take selfies, especially mirror selfies. Another type of photo to avoid posting on your profile is the gym shot. Do not post photos that show off your abs or your biceps. Put your shirt back on and post a photo of you with your friends instead, to show your social side, or a photo of you with your brother to show that you are family-oriented and get along well with your family. This is much better than appearing full of yourself or self-absorbed.

4. Show women your face and your eyes 

If a women can’t see your face properly in any of your photos, that might be reason enough for her to pass on your profile. If you’re wearing sunglasses in all your photos, or all of your photos were taken at a distance and it’s difficult to see your face, you may need to re-think your photo selection. Showing your eyes helps instill trust in the woman who is viewing your profile, lowering her suspicions about you or about online dating in general. 

5. Show as much variety as possible

You should have at least 5 photos on your profile, and use the description to paint a picture of who you are and what you do. Variety is key in attracting women. Women want to see someone who is career established, social, family-oriented, and are not looking to see someone who seems self-absorbed or boring. That means that the profile full of photos of a man on his couch will likely not interest a woman.

6. What you put as your intent is important

Most dating sites allow you to list your intent, or say what you are looking for. If you say that you are looking for something casual, you will only attract casual women who don’t want anything serious.  If you are looking for something real, keep in mind that a good, quality woman who is also looking for something real will only pay attention to profiles that state “looking for a relationship”.

7. List your interests

It’s important to describe what you are interested in and what your hobbies and pastimes are. Show variety in your profile by describing what sports you’re into, what vacation spots you have traveled to, and what you do in your spare time. This will also help you attract a woman who has similar interests, who would be into doing those things with you!

8. Smile in your photos to show that you are kind and genuine

Remember to smile in your photos. You want a woman to look at your profile and be assured that you are kind, genuine and that you have a fun side to you. This will leave her wanting to get to know you better, and make your profile more approachable.

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