If a movie was made about your life, what genre would it be? Would your story be a comedy, a tragedy, a love story, or something different?

Everyone has different personality traits that make their story special. Each of us possesses something unique that makes us shine, or a story that makes us stronger in some way. Here are 6 movie genres you might fall into, and what they say about your personality:

1. The True Underdog Story

Life has handed you more bad luck than you knew how to handle, and when nothing was going your way, you weren’t sure if things would ever turn around for you. It did not seem as though there was much of a chance. Now that your luck is turning around, you feel like you could be the next Erin Brokovich. You have hope that you really could make something out of nothing, or maybe you already have! You’re a better person because of your struggle, and who doesn’t love an underdog story, right? Only the underdogs understand the true miracle of the butterfly effect, and underdogs await life’s next twist or turn with incredible excitement.

2. The Comedy

You have more friends than you have time for, and it’s no wonder why that is the case! People love to laugh, and you definitely know how to make your friends laugh. You know how to make any bad situation seem suddenly hilarious, and you subsequently do not take life too seriously. Even though some might say you need to work on taking things more seriously sometimes, we can’t deny that everybody loves a comedy, and making people laugh is a great way of spreading joy in this sometimes melancholy world.

3. The Tragedy

Perhaps your story feels like a tragedy. If you have experienced significant tragedies, you may still be trying to cope. However, ultimately even tragedies have happy endings. Often happier ones, because of the character you built as an outcome of your resilience.

4. The Rom Com

Your life is like a Romantic Comedy and you’re not sure if that is a good or bad thing. You have such incredible bad luck in the dating world that it’s undeniably hilarious. You feel like Carrie Bradshaw, trying to navigate your way through life as a hopeless romantic who brushes bad dates off  like dirt off her shoulders, and laughs about them later with her friends. The good news? All these hilarious mishaps and bad luck in dating means you can at the very least make a side career out of being a dating blogger!

5. The Thriller

Your life is all about action. You see a cliff, you jump. You see a bike, you ride. You see an island that looks like it’s not too far away? You swim. You live life to the fullest and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, more people should be a little more like you! (Assuming you’re not putting yourself in danger). Seize the day, although a popular saying, is not as common a practice as we would hope – so good for you!

6. The Great Love Story

You married your high school sweetheart. You had your ups and downs but you were meant for each other. So maybe you don’t have a whole bunch of hilarious dating stories to tell, but that’s ok – you can live vicariously through your single girlfriends. Perhaps you think you missed out on certain experiences in life (like using Tinder or PlentyOfFish) but in reality you simply have what many of those right-swipers are ultimately looking for: Love.

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