Do you feel like you have consistent bad luck in the dating world?

Well, it’s possible that you’re the problem, and you could be your own solution. Here are eight reasons why it’s not working out for you romantically:

1. You Procrastinate

In theory, we could forever tell ourselves that we should not be in relationships until we first become the best versions of ourselves, but we could keep using this as an excuse for ages.

How long will it take for us to love ourselves enough to feel worthy of a partner? Perhaps we are simply finding ways to procrastinate in order to remain single for as long as possible.

If there are things you need to change about yourself, don’t procrastinate. Keep in mind that sometimes, the right partner can help us become the best versions of ourselves.

2. You Don’t Know What You Want

The girl with a hot body is a bimbo, and the smart girl is boring. The funny guy is a player, but the nice guy has no sense of humor. You can’t have it all; no one is perfect.

Make a list of the top five things you look for in a partner; put things in perspective of what is really important and stop writing people off so easily.

3. You Keep Your Nets In the Water

Part of your problem could be that you like to keep your options open, so you keep your nets in the water and prospects on the backburner for a rainy day.

Perhaps it boosts your ego knowing you’ve got fish in your nets. However, keeping your fish in these nets does nothing for you because you are not truly giving them a chance.

Instead, you should go on a couple dates with each fish and see if just maybe, it’s the right fish for you.

4. You’re Dating People Who Are At A Different Stage In Their Life

Perhaps you are a man in your 30s who has a good career and a solid five-year plan. Are you dating younger women who have no idea what they want, are between jobs and at a different level of maturity than you are?

It might help to go for someone who is in a similar stage in his or her life as you are. You need to go for someone who has his or her house in order.

5. You’re Complacent

Perhaps you’re content with the way things are, and you’re too easily going in relationships. It’s possible you are not getting what you deserve because you give the milk away for free, and let’s face it: People walk all over you because you don’t have high enough standards for how you deserve to be treated.

6. You Catch And Release

So, you were really interested in someone right up until the moment he or she started showing interest in you? If you tend to catch and release, you’ll be single forever.

You always want what you can’t have, always want the mysterious one or the one who is a challenge. You’re just caught up in your own game, where losing is a sure thing. and winning only happens when you stop playing and change your mindset.

7. You Have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

If you meet someone great and you jump in with both feet, you could miss out on some other options.

So what? Everyone has other options, but not everyone who is in a relationship thinks he or she is missing out on anything. It’s unlikely that these other options are better than the person you have in your sights because you obviously like that person for a reason.

8. You Pursue People Who Want Completely Different Things Than You

Perhaps you’re the woman who wants a relationship, yet you go after the man who has made it clear that he does not want anything serious. Or maybe, you’re the man who would like to date multiple women, but you’re pursuing women who want monogamy.

Either way, if you keep dating people who are not on the same page as you, you’re bound to get burned.

This article, written by Erica Gordon, was originally published on Elite Daily.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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