It’s no secret that men are attracted to a woman’s confidence. Why should he think you’re a catch if you don’t act like you are one? If you’re confident, it’s usually for a reason. It’s assumed that you must be secure with who you are as a person, and that you have your sh*t together – and that’s attractive.

Women with low self-esteem give off a negative energy, which isn’t appealing or sexy. Exuding confidence draws others to you, mainly because they’re drawn to your positive energy.  Your high self-confidence can make you ten times hotter than any top model who has low self-confidence. To be confident, however, first you have to feel confident. Here are 6 ways to feel more confident:

1. Remember what you’re complimented on. There are probably certain things you’re often complimented on. Maybe it’s your sense of humor, your positive attitude, your beautiful singing voice or your gorgeous hair. Keep a confidence journal where you write down any compliments you receive, and write down all of your achievements and personal success stories. That way, if you’re ever having a low confidence day, you can read it and remember all the reasons why you should feel confident.

2. Get comfortable in your own skin (literally). You can’t always rely on $300 worth of makeup from Sephora to feel beautiful. If you sleep over at a guy’s place, he will catch you without makeup on at some point. The best plan is to take care of your skin properly, so that you feel confident even without makeup on. Work on achieving a natural glow by getting adequate sleep, eating healthy and drinking lots of water. You can also restore your skin’s natural radiant glow by getting a microdermabrasion treatment to brighten the skin and increase cell regeneration. This will definitely help you to feel comfortable in your own skin and stop relying on makeup to feel confident.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other women. It’s completely pointless to compare yourself to someone else, no matter how gorgeous, smart or successful she is. The reality is this: She wishes she had your self-discipline. You wish you had her career. She wishes she had your eyelashes. You wish you had her lips. This would go on and on. Everyone has certain qualities unique to them that others may be envious of, which is why comparing ourselves to other women is silly. There will always be something you have that she wishes she had, and vice versa.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Part of feeling confident stems from feeling good about yourself. It’s much easier to feel good about yourself if you’re hitting the gym regularly, taking care of your health and keeping your general wellness in check. When you’re active and healthy, you’re less stressed and more positive, which helps you exude that sexy confidence.

5. Play up your best features. If you know that you have beautiful green eyes, bring them out with a touch of purple eyeliner or by wearing accents of dark grey, purple or green to make your green eyes pop. If you’re lucky enough to have long, thick hair you can play up your confidence by being outgoing with your hairstyle (hint: try a fishtail braid). If you have a nice butt, wear something that accentuates it. Knowing what your best features are and researching exactly how to play up those features will definitely help you feel more confident.

6. Keep in mind that confidence is a practice. Being a confident woman is a practice in the sense that you have to practice this mentality daily in order to become it. Men love confidence, so it’s in your best interest to practice the following: Think positively rather than negatively, be confident instead of shy, and put your best foot forward instead of coming across as though you have low self esteem. If you keep these positive practices in check, you will attract more men because your positive energy will be magnetic.

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