Most of us have experienced that wistful feeling when we go on a date with someone who is great on paper, but who we just don’t feel attracted to. However, instead of writing that person off and never seeing them again, I would highly suggest putting them in the friend zone instead – and here’s why:

The Best Relationships Start as Friendships

More people should be putting a bad date in the friend zone – i.e. keeping him or her as a friend – rather than just cutting ties because you were not feeling it. As long as your date was not extremely arrogant, rude, or psychotic, why not keep them around as a friend?

Some of the best relationships start as friendships. Although sometimes you just know you really like someone, that lust-at-first-sight feeling is not always the case – especially when you start out as friends.

There are many cases of men and women who eventually fall for each other after getting to know each other better. Not everyone puts their best foot forward when they are nervous on a first, second or third date.

In my dating history, a certain man sticks out in my mind as someone I did not feel attracted to, and only liked as a friend, but after awhile I became attracted to him and we started dating. We had continued to spend time with each other platonically at first. He began to open up more, showing me a different side of him – and I realized I no longer only liked him as a friend.

Having Friends Of The Opposite Sex Can Be Very Beneficial

You can never have too many friends, and having friends of the opposite sex can very beneficial. For example, it’s helpful when you need dating advice, especially when you need the perspective of the opposite sex. It is likely that he or she will be fine with continuing to hang out with you as strictly friends if they like you as a person. They will also appreciate your honesty.

Maintain The Friendship In A Genuine Way

Friends do not just text each other. They hang out with each other, too. Make time to go for the occasional coffee or a walk in person. Just because you are not viewing them as more than a friend (yet) does not mean that you cannot hang out with them.

New friends can offer you a fresh perspective on a variety of topics, great advice, hilarious stories, brilliant ideas, and teach you new life-hacks!

Keep An Open Mind

If at the moment you do not like someone as more than a friend, but you’re open to the possibility that this could change, hold off on making any decisions about this person just yet. Before you confess your uncertainty to them, wait to see if anything changes as you get to know them better.

In the interim, do not get intimate as that will most definitely result in blurred lines.

Stay Positive

Sometimes, you will stay in the friend zone, but that is not a bad thing as we could all learn a few things from a new friend.

The flip side would be that as we become more comfortable with our new friend and show a different side of ourselves, we find ourselves no longer in the friend zone.

The next time someone puts you in the friend zone, keep the pros of being friend-zoned in mind and don’t get discouraged!

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    Friend zones are great for women, they never know when they might need a tire changed or have someone give them a lift to the airport. For men it’s charity work: no pay, no benefits and no appreciation.


    The concept of friend-zone is overhyped, it’s like when you spend time with someone, surely you are going to be attached and sometimes it may become romantic but that’s true for even non-friends. There are people who fall in love with complete strangers and there is nothing to do about it.
    Also, friendzone is seen as a male only thing while girls are also friend zoned. The idea behind being friend zoned and misogynistic is may be because of a remnant thought of patriarchy, if you like her, you own her and when you face rejection, it is labeled as being Friendzone! Funny right? Like almost everything in the universe, friendship zone has its own pros and cons and there are people who try to get out of friendzone.


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