Ladies, how about we don’t wait until January 1st to start thinking about our new diet plans, and instead give ourselves a much-needed head start. Sticking to a diet plan long enough for it to work, getting fit and losing weight is challenging at any age. In your 30s, however, you’ll notice how much more stubborn your body is when it comes to letting go of excess fat, and how much of a delayed reaction your body has to your new exercise regime. In other words, when you’re no longer in your twenties, results take longer and are harder to achieve.

As you get older, your metabolism slows down and you start to notice that over-indulging leads to weight gain when before, you got away with it. And, in your 30s, you tend to have more responsibilities, a busier career, and less time for the gym.

I am in my 30s right now, and I’ve realized the best way to lose weight after 30 is through planning and organization, by following the rules of a diet that works, for example. Getting fit and seeing results in your 30s isn’t impossible, since you can always speed up your metabolism with metabolism-boosting tricks, find the time to work out even if it’s a short workout, and put more effort and intent into your goals. Finding a diet that works – and sticking to it – can make all of the difference. Below are the top 5 diets for women:

Ketogenic Diet

If you’ve been ignoring the hype about the keto diet, it might be time to stop covering your ears. Try this diet because it’s perfect for women who have stubborn fat that won’t go away. Keto is more than just a hot trend; it’s effective for weight loss (specifically fat loss) and has loads of other benefits, too, including increased energy and a better mood.

Ruled Me is a great beginner’s guide to the keto diet.

Keto is an extremely low-carb diet. This one has rules about how many grams of carbohydrates you can eat per day, and it’s low. It also has strict rules when it comes to the macro you eat. Rules are good, though, because that’s how weight loss happens: by following these types of rules. People who are interested in the Ketogenic diet should use a simple Keto calculator. This tool that will tell you the precise amount of fat, protein, and carbs you should eat each day on the keto diet.

The Rules of Keto

Not only is the Keto diet exceptionally effective in shedding pounds, but it also can be fun as there are some great recipes, such as these Keto Stuffed Peppers. Keto allows you to eat cheese, bacon, and other high-fat and fun things to eat – as long ask you skip the carbs. It’s a trade-off that works, since you’re tricking your body into burning fat for fuel, instead of carbs. This means your body will use fat as a fuel source, leading to the fat loss you’ve been dreaming of.

Mediterranean Diet

Nobody can missed  hearing about the Mediterranean diet; it has rave reviews. After all, it’s a savvy eating habit that branded the reduction of saturated fat, sugar, and red meat in the equation. On the flip side, this diet will let you eat healthy fats, nuts, and other delectable vegetables.

It has been noted that people near the Mediterranean Sea have a great lifespan. They are not also susceptible to various life-threatening conditions such as cancer. Later, it was found that their menu is what has been making them strong and healthy.

Of course, active women will find this diet plan effective because this type of eating promotes increased energy levels. Although some of the recipes can be complicated to create, they are still worth your time.  Your time is not wasted if it is spent on efforts to eat healthier. Sophisticated women love this diet because the items on this menu are colorful, healthy and beautiful dishes.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic is not just there to answer your health queries. They also provide a specific diet plan that can work for both men and women alike.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a dietary program that would eventually adjust the way you eat. The primary goal of this diet is to ensure that you stop eating bad things and start with the right and healthy menu.

The diet also presents a pyramid of nutritional hierarchy. In there, you will see whole grains, veggies, and fruits as among the main ingredients for a healthy diet.

Because these ingredients don’t have high levels of energy density, you can eat them in bulk. While doing this, you can guarantee that you are not taking too many calories, which eventually lead to weight loss.

The Mayo Clinic Diet can be referred to as the representative of the standard keto diet. Women who don’t want to undergo abrupt change on their eating regimen should try this out. It is simple and less arduous to follow compared to other types of diet.

Ornish Diet

The Ornish Diet may not be as popular as other diet plans that have been mentioned here, but its rules prove that it is a diet that works. It was invented by a clinical professor at the University of California, Dr. Dean Ornish. Just like the different dietary regimens here, this diet intends to make people healthy and make them live longer.

Unlike the Keto diet, this one is low in fat. It will require you to eat organic sources of protein and refined forms of carbohydrates. Accordingly, such dietary plan improves the overall metabolic process of a person.

The Ornish Diet also includes effective approaches to stress management and exercise. Career women are often exposed to the negative repercussions of their workplace. With this diet, they will be able to cope up with such difficulties.

Fertility Diet

Is it time to stop worrying about attaining the perfect body, and instead start worrying about having a baby? Perhaps you and your partner are at this stage. The Fertility Diet is perfect for women who are having difficulties in conception. It will tweak some of the things you eat so that the chances of getting pregnant increase.

Ovulation is one of the essential goals of the fertility diet. Well, I can stay that it can still make your body shed some fats. Eventually, the end-goal of it would be for a woman to finally get fertile. With the help of, I was schooled in how Yoni Eggs can help in fertility. The practice of using Yoni Eggs has a very positive impact on women’s fertility, as it promotes regular blood flow, as well as cellular feeding to pelvis, uterus and ovaries.

However, there’s a caveat about this: it will never cure those who are impotent. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, there’s a need for you to seek other remedies.

All of the diet plans that have been mentioned here are great for women in their 30s. While it is true that each has different rules and processes, it is undeniable that all of them can holistically improve the well-being. If you want to avoid a life full of stress and toxicity, try one of these diets out.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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