Women can’t seem to complain enough about the ‘death’ of the date, and recently I started to think about the types of dates I’m usually offered: Boring, mediocre dates that are not amazing but are instead completely unforgettable. We’re exhausted from lame dates such as coffee at Starbucks or going to a bar for a drink.

If a guy would just plan something different and exciting for once, it could be an event that gave me a reason to get dressed up, style my hair nicely, smell sexy and feel pretty.

I’m all about any date that leaves a lasting impression and shows that thought was involved in planning it. Once we recognize the types of dates we want and deserve (SuperDates) we won’t settle for anything less, and both women and men need to start putting more effort into date nights. To get some much-needed inspiration, here are 12 examples of amazing dates everyone deserves to experience:

1. The date that gets you out of your comfort zone. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say one of your biggest fears is getting up on stage and singing karaoke. If your date encourages you to do this, and reminds you that it’s simply a room full of strangers you’ll never have to see again, that’s an awesome date. You have to admit: whenever you do something that falls outside of your comfort zone, you always feel really good after. It’s a different kind of feeling, and a different kind of date. And guess what? Different is good – because it’s memorable.

2. The date where you get wined and dined. I love taco Tuesday as much as the next gal, but there’s something to be said about getting wined and dined at a nicer restaurant sometimes. That type of date stands out. The ambiance is romantic, and you’re also being given an opportunity to get dressed up. Dinner at a nice restaurant is a traditional date, one that is surprisingly dying out. Let’s not allow that to happen, ok?

3. A date that gets you out of the city.  A mini road trip or a weekend getaway can make for a fantastic date. Just go for a drive, get out of the city, and experience something new. It’ll feel like you went on a mini vacation and you’ll be able to talk and get to know each other during the car ride. Make sure you get along during your first date, then plan an adventurous getaway together.

4. A date that gets you out on the water. Going on a dinner cruise, a sunset cruise, a sailboat ride, or taking a little ferry adventure is a great date. Most people love getting out on the water, seeing the scenery and feeling the fresh breeze – it’s just hands down an incredible date idea.

5. The date that gets your adrenaline pumping. If you’re a little afraid of heights, push yourself to do a ropes course, a zip-line adventure or a helicopter tour. Any date that gets your adrenaline pumping will create a bonding experience and remind you how fun dating can be. Your thirst for adventure likely isn’t quenched very often, which is why adventurous excursions are fantastic dates.

6. The cultural date. It’s not often enough that we go see a play inspired by the 1920s or go to an art exhibit. Cultural dates like these are great because you’re being entertained and discovering culture, which feels more like an event than a hang-out. Anything that feels like a real outing is what a ‘date’ should be.

7. The date where we’re immersed in nature. Studies have shown that spending time in nature is linked to happiness, so you’re bound to feel good during an outdoorsy date. Go on a beautiful, scenic hike and enjoy the view at the top with a picnic. Being outdoors is good for you, and a walk or hike outside allows for plenty of time for you and your date to talk and get to know each other. Not only that, but exercise gets those endorphins pumping which contributes to those feel-good vibes on your date.

8. The date where you learn something new. Any date where you get to learn something together is unique and exciting. Think dance classes, walking tours, cooking classes, painting nights, seminars, etc. A date should never be boring or mundane. It shouldn’t be something you’d typically do, which is why enrolling in a class for your date is perfect.

9. The date that involves watching the sunset. We don’t watch the sunset often enough. It sounds silly, but it kind of requires planning. You have to pick a beautiful location or a cool rooftop that offers a great view of the sunset, and plan to go at the right time so you don’t miss it. Bring a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down together. It’s super romantic.

10. A date where you laugh your ass off. When you go see improv comedy or stand-up comedy, you’re both going to be laughing lots and seeing a fun side of each other. These types of dates allow you to loosen up and enjoy stress-free live entertainment. It can be significantly more fun than sitting across from each other at a bar.

11. A date that brings out your inner kid. It’s fun to go to playground and have your date push you on the swings, go to an extreme indoor play-park or build a giant sandcastle on the beach. We all have a little kid somewhere inside us, just begging for an excuse to come out.

12. A date that doesn’t involve alcohol. When you cut alcohol out of the equation, you’re forced to get creative with your date ideas. You can play board games together, go for a nice walk, or get ice cream at that cool spot you keep reading about. It’s fun to get to know each other on a deeper level, while sober and clear-headed. Plus, if you can’t have fun with someone when you’re sober, that means you’re dating the wrong person.

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