What if I told you that the more often you have sex, the more you’re saving the environment and preventing deforestation? Well, now this has actually become a truth. Condoms for Trees is a non-profit, environmentally conscious company founded by an inspiring millennial named Daniel Zengel, who has his sights set on restoring the forests while encouraging safe sex. If you buy his company’s condoms, every single condom sold results in a tree being planted. So, until you’re ready to make a baby, how about making a tree instead?  Check out our interview with the founder of Condoms for Trees below:

What is Condoms for Trees and what made you decide to start this company?

DZ: Condoms for Trees is a condom company that plants trees.  I thought of the idea after trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle and quickly realizing that I wasn’t willing to give up condoms.  Because even though condoms are disposable products that end up in landfills, they’re still an irreplaceable part of my sexual lifestyle. And this is also true for hundreds of millions of other people around the world. I started Condoms for Trees to offer people a condom that supports our environment. Our condom sales fund reforestation efforts, so our customers can really do it for the trees!

Why is it so important to offset the effects of deforestation with the planting of more trees?

DZ: Trees are the foundation of ecosystems across the Earth and it’s not an option for us to continue deforesting the planet as we are today. We’re cutting down swaths of forest the size of 30 or 40 football fields every minute.  Most of this deforestation is to support livestock and agriculture production – so we probably won’t stop cutting down trees overnight.  But we can start planting a lot of trees very quickly.  If we globally begin planting more trees than we are cutting down, there will be a tremendous positive benefit for all life on our planet.

How much of your profits from condom sales do you donate to this cause?

DZ: We donate 100% of the profits from our sales to our nonprofit partner, Trees, Water & People.  This means that our company’s profits never go to wealthy shareholders.  Instead, we are diverting all of our profits to a reforestation organization that has already planted millions of trees.

What inspired you to want to devote yourself to protecting the forests?

DZ: There are so many different social, economic, and ecological issues in the world today.  Many of these problems that we face as a society have no clear answer – but this isn’t the case for deforestation.  No one is arguing that the world is better off without trees.  People know that we need trees and that we need to start reforesting the planet now.  I’m starting Condoms for Trees to give millions of people an easy way to participate in this global reforestation effort.

Are your condoms just as effective as traditional brands of condoms?

DZ: Our condoms meet all FDA standards and are just as safe, effective, and pleasurable as any leading brand of condom on the market.

Are there any differences between Condoms for Trees in comparison to traditional brands when it comes to price, comfort, effectiveness or quality? Do you use the same manufacturer as any of the traditional brands of condoms?

DZ: We source high-quality latex condoms from a respected condom manufacturer based in the Netherlands.  Our condoms are produced in the same factories used by other leading condom brands, which means our condoms have the same quality and fit as our competitors.  The best part is that our condoms don’t cost more than other brands, which allows our customers to support reforestation without spending extra money.

Do you think young lovers need more motivation to practice safe sex, and that this could be that extra reason to use a condom?

DZ: Yes – young people should be doing it with condoms!  There is no form of birth control more affordable, effective, and easy to use than condoms.  Plus condoms are the only way to prevent the spread of STDs.  I’m not sure if planting a tree is always going be what convinces someone to wear a condom, but I do believe that our message will positively influence the discussion of safe sex and contraceptive use.

You can buy Condoms for Trees here to support their cause, and if you follow Condoms for Trees on both Twitter and Facebook, two trees will be planted!

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