If you’re looking for good movies to watch on Netflix, look no further than these 5 movies. Not only do all 5 of these movies show women making the grand gesture for once, but they also are all great movies.

Grand romantic gestures can be made by both men and women. Many women are secretly holding out hope that one day a man might make a grand gesture to declare his feelings. However, women aren’t opposed to making those gestures themselves. Yes, it’s true that in movies, it’s almost always the man making the grand gesture. However, to celebrate the fact that women can be ultra-romantic too, here are 5 awesome movies where the woman makes the grand gesture:

*Spoiler alert: we might give away some of the plot of these movies

1. What’s Your Number

Anna Farris stars in this charming comedy as a young woman named Ally who is a little too caught up in the importance of her number of sexual partners. She reads in a magazine that she won’t be deemed marriage-material if she has slept with more than 20 guys, and since she’s currently at 20, she realizes her best bet to not increase her number is to try to get back together with one of her ex’s.

Chris Evans plays Ally’s womanizing neighbor Colin, who helps Ally track down her ex-boyfriends in exchange for Ally’s help in avoiding his sexual conquests by hiding in Ally’s apartment. The two fall for each other while they’re spending copious amounts of time together, but Ally’s too caught up in tracking down her ex boyfriends to give Colin a real shot.

When Ally is giving her heartfelt speech about true love at her sister’s wedding, she realizes she messed things up with Colin, and that he’s the one she loves and wants.

The grand gesture: She sprints, drives and bikes across the city to find him, and declares her love for him. Isn’t that romantic?

2. Pitch Perfect


Anna Kendrick stars in this hilarious rom-com as Beca, a freshman in college who’s a little rough around the edges, has walls up, and therefore has problems letting others get close to her. She often pushes people away instead of letting them get close. Out of concern, Beca’s father makes her choose a club to join, so Beca reluctantly joins the Barden Bellas, an a cappella group. It turns out Beca has a talent for singing and she also has a passion for making mash-up mixes of songs, which works well when it’s time to spice up the Barden Bella’s boring performances.

Beca meets a cute fellow freshman, Jesse, who is also in an a capella group and has a passion for music and singing just like her. Jesse shows Beca his all-time favourite ending to a movie which is when the song “Don’t You Forget About Me” plays at the end of the movie The Breakfast Club.

When Beca ultimately pushes Jesse away, she tries to apologize to get him back, and when that fails she plans the ultimate romantic grand gesture:

Beca, in a grand attempt to show Jesse how she feels about him,  incorporates the song from the final scene of The Breakfast Club into her performance with the Barden Bellas. While on stage, she makes eye contact with Jesse during the hook of the song and raises her fist in the air to reenact the final scene of his favourite movie. Jesse also puts his fist in the air, smiling in appreciation at Beca’s gesture. After the performance, the two kiss and make up. Now that is pretty damn cute.

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3. My Best Friend’s Wedding


This movie has one of the most romantic grand gesture scenes of all time – and it’s a woman who makes the grand gesture. Julia Roberts plays Julianne Potter, a 27-year-old New York restaurant critic who made an agreement with her longtime best friend Michael O’Neal that if neither of them were married by the time they turned 28, they would marry each other. Three weeks before Julianne’s 28th birthday, Michael calls to tell her that he’s engaged to be married to a woman named Kimmy in four days.

Upon hearing this news, Julianne realizes she is in love with Michael, and attempts to sabotage the wedding – which doesn’t work.

The grand gesture: On the day of Michael’s wedding, Julianne finally confesses that she loves him. It takes balls but she tells him she loves him and says, “Marry me. Choose me. Let me make you happy.” In the end, though, despite the grand gesture, Michael still gets married to Kimmy. At least Julianne had the guts to tell him how she felt, though!


4. Never Been Kissed


Drew Barrymore stars in this classic rom-com as a reporter named Josie Geller who was a geek in high school and therefore becomes nervous when she is assigned to a case that requires her to enroll in a high school undercover.

While attending high school undercover, Josie falls for her English teacher Sam. Sam, thinking Josie is a young student, struggles with his feelings for Josie. When Josie is voted prom queen, she decides to reveal her true identity and share some words of wisdom with the students in the room, about how you should and shouldn’t treat others. Sam, however, is hurt by Josie’s lies and states that he wants nothing to do with her.

As a grand romantic gesture, Josie writes a story about her love for Sam and confesses that she has never been kissed. She writes that she will  vulnerably stand alone in the middle of the baseball field on a big game night, waiting for Sam to come and publicly give her a first kiss. Moved by the gesture, Sam shows up just before time runs out and the two share a passionate kiss as the crowd cheers.

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5. The Holiday


Cameron Diaz plays Amanda Woods, a workaholic from Los Angeles who, upon discovering her boyfriend is cheating on her, breaks up with him and decides she needs a getaway. She ends up switching houses for two weeks with Iris (Kate Winslet) an editor from London, England. The two decide to switch houses in order to vacation at each other’s home.

Amanda ends up meeting and falling for Iris’ brother Graham (Jude Law) who tells Amanda he loves her near the end of her trip. Amanda insists that a long-distance relationship can’t work, and leaves Graham, heading for the airport. On her way to the airport, Amanda has a sudden change of heart, but on the narrow road the car cannot turn around.

The grand gesture: Amanda jumps out of the car and runs all the way back to Graham’s house where she confesses her feelings for him and decides she will stay in London.


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