It’s often assumed that the busy young professional (YP) simply doesn’t have time for romance.

Being easily distracted, stressed out, unpredictable, and crazy busy are all rather unromantic qualities that can be typical of one or both partners in a hectic millennial relationship.

Many driven YPs are willing to prioritize their partners in order to hold on to them, because they appreciate having someone who contributes to their success by believing in them and supporting them.

It’s crucial to have someone in your life who has the ability keep you going strong when you’re riding the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. It’s not that the busy professional has no time for romance, but rather they simply need to reinvent romance in a way that works for them.

Here’s how romance ends up looking different for the young professional:

1. Putting Your Partner in Your Calendar

When you’re perpetually busy, planning date nights in advance is the best way to reassure your partner of his or her place in your life. Taking the initiative to plan ahead makes you a modern-day romantic. Making time for your partner is fundamental for romance, and a YP in a relationship should never have a calendar that reads all business and no romance. By planning a date night and giving your man or woman advance notice of a romantic plan, you’re giving them something to look forward to and relieving them of any anxiety about when they might see you next.

2. You Make Trade-Offs and Prioritize Your Partner

You might work shorter hours even if it slows down your advancement at work a little bit – or at least take off early if there’s a special event rather than putting work first. If you notice your long hours are causing your relationship to suffer, you’ll likely make that trade-off if you’re the romantic type. Different trade-offs could involve letting someone else handle a meeting at work so you can be home in time for dinner, or giving away a project so that you can take that vacation together. This is what prioritizing looks like, and prioritizing your partner is a great way to remain romantic even as a busy YP.

3. Finding Ways to Say “I’m Thinking of You”

As a romantic YP, you may feel guilty about not seeing your significant other often, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer romance in the form of letting them know you’re thinking of them. A special person in your life may get a surprise present rather than you presence sometimes, like flowers sent to their office. In typical go-getter style, you may wake up too early in the morning to have breakfast with your partner, yet still leave a romantic note on the coffee-maker for them to find. You might send a love note via e-mail to let your partner know that even amidst the chaos and amidst your hustle, they’re still on your mind.

4. You Create Memories During the Limited Free Time You Have

YPs often find that time with their partner is scarce, which is exactly why that time together has to count for something and leave a lasting impression. For the YP, romance takes its form in quality time where both parties are completely off the clock. Let’s just say that you should turn off your phone and close your damn laptop.

The clock often never stops for entrepreneurs, which is why their partner appreciate the break on their behalf. Quality time entails both people being truly present when they’re with each other, genuinely soaking up the moment. The endorphins released during a romantic evening are good for the success of any YP as they help carry one through tough times.

No matter how little free time you have, if you create memories with a specially planned date and quality time, it’s enough for your partner to live off of until they see you for the next date night.

5. You Share Milestones and Keep Your Partner in the Loop

Busy professionals can be romantic simply by sharing their milestones with their partners. Sharing your good and bad news is a genuine way of showing that you appreciate your partner’s support, and value his or her insights. When someone truly values their partner’s opinion, that’s real romance. It’s wise to keep your significant other in the loop if something is stressing you out at work so that they don’t take your mood personally.

6. You Create Opportunities For Romance

Perhaps you create opportunities for romance by being as efficient as possible at the office to make time for a date. If you have to go to a work-related conference, there’s still an opportunity for romance by surprising your partner with a plane ticket to join. Creating romance within your busy schedule is as easy as dropping by your partner’s office to take them out for lunch. Even if it’s a quick lunch, the gesture itself is still very romantic. The romantic YP will be motivated to think of romantic gestures from time to time, to keep their partner from checking out. Young professionals: the foundation of romance is simply showing that you care, making the time, and putting forth some effort.

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