Did you know that accessories can completely make or break your look? The right accessories will make you look significantly more attractive in a woman’s eyes, and having certain accessories in your wardrobe will make dressing for a date or a special event that much easier. The wrong accessories, however, can be the ultimate turn-off.

With the right shoes, clothing and extras, you’ll look that much more put-together, confident and handsome. A nice watch isn’t the only accessory you should have in your collection. There are several accessories women love to see on men, and while they shouldn’t all be worn at once, a collection to choose from allows you to change your look according to your mood and plans. TV host, media personality and fashion expert Natalie Langston suggests: “It’s great when men have a collection of smart and classic accessories, and while they shouldn’t all be worn at the same time, an individual stylish accessory adds that something extra to his outfit.”

We’ve polled several women, fashion experts and dating experts to bring to you 7 accessories women love on men:

1. Dress Shoes

Shoes.com Men's Vesper in Classic Black

Shoes.com Men’s Vesper in Classic Black

When you wear a nice pair of dress shoes, you don’t just look put-together and well dressed – you also give the impression that you care about what you look like. If you’re a young professional who wants to be taken seriously at work, you should wear good dress shoes to the office because you have to dress for the role you want. Similarly, if you’re going on a date you want to pay attention to every aspect of your outfit, including your shoes. The Frye Jim Saddle shoe from shoes.com definitely reflects your timeless style and your sense of fashion. Shoes.com’s Robert Wayne Men’s Vesper allows you to go from work to play while maintaining a sense of fashion and fun.

Chelsea, 30 says “I notice a guy’s shoes for sure. I think every guy should have a couple good pairs of dress shoes because a nice pair of shoes completes the outfit and shows that the guy cares what he looks like, and pays attention to all the details.” Monica, 28 says “Noticing a man wearing a bad pair of shoes like an outdated pair of runners can be a major turn-off on a date.”

Shoes.com Men's Frye Jim Saddle

Shoes.com Men’s Frye Jim Saddle

Gentleman, Vancouver-based company Shoes.com has awesome men’s dress shoes from $75 and up, and they ship anywhere in Canada for free, in less than 5 business days.

2. Leather Accents

Leather bracelet - Instagram 1

A subtle leather accent on a man adds style and masculinity to his demeanor. The perfect way to achieve this subtle boost of style and masculinity? A leather bracelet like Vitaly Design’s black leather “Dubbel” bracelet.  Lori, 29 says that “a leather bracelet is the perfect accessory to add a masculine touch to an outfit. It’s not gaudy or flashy. It oozes masculine sexiness without the try-hard aspect of many male accessories on the market.”

3. Bow Tie

bow tie - knotheory - instagram 1

A bow tie is incredibly attractive on a man. Your bow ties shouldn’t be reserved only for formal events, either. There are plenty of more casual bow ties for the everyday man, as well as formal bow ties for special events. However, a must-have for your wardrobe is a classic black bow tie, like Knot Theory’s Classic Black Diamond Point bow tie. It’s so James Bond and you’ll wear it again and again as it’s a classic staple.

Denise, 32 (one of the women we polled) gushed “I met a guy on Happn last month, and on our first date he wore a white dress shirt with a black and white patterned bow tie. He looked so hot in that bow tie and I was really impressed by his effort and style.”

Relationship Expert April Masini, founder of the AskApril advice forum, says “A bow tie is a very sexy statement of confidence. Whenever a man makes a fashion choice that is beyond the norm, he’s expressing his confidence and creativity, in addition to his style. And as much it’s rumored that women love a good looking man — what they love even more, is one who is confident, creative and leads the pack — which is what a bow tie wearer is doing. ”

4. Suspenders

Suspenders from JJsuspenders.com

Suspenders from JJsuspenders.com

What goes better with a bow tie than a pair of suspenders? (A bow tie and suspenders together is an incredibly sexy look.) Jia Wertz, Fashion Expert and Founder of Shop Studio 15 states “suspenders are often overlooked but are a classic addition to any guy’s wardrobe. They’re the perfect accessory for a work or formal event because they add sophistication and a pop of style to otherwise straightforward looks. Not to mention, suspenders accentuate your length and give the appearance of broader shoulders which any guy would want and women love.” The suspender’s you’ll want to add to your collection are neutrals such as beige or black suspenders, as they go with anything and will be a timeless accessory in your wardrobe. You can pick up an awesome selection of both classic neutral suspenders and fun suspenders at JJ Suspenders. For an especially dapper look, try the Jet Set Classic Black Suspenders from JJ Suspenders.

Kate, 28 says “suspenders make a man look put together. The sexy thing about them is that they make him come across as a fun, relaxed and well put-together man. That’s the dream – someone classy who you can have fun with.”

Julie, 29 says “I literally melt every time I see a man wearing a bow tie and suspenders. Lots of guys only wear this combo at fancy events like weddings, but I recently went to a semi-formal work event and the one man there who had on a bow tie with suspenders had every woman’s eyes on him. It just works.”

5. Silver



A silver chain is a subtle piece of jewelry that will never go out of style and is very versatile. We love the Rebel necklace in silver from The Giving Keys. It adds a pop of style, it’s unique, it will go with many of your outfits and your key will have an inspirational word of your choice engraved on it. The Rebel necklace allows you to be unique and true to yourself by choosing an engraving that means something to you, and it’s also a classic staple accessory. Liz Entin, Fashion Expert and Founder of Runway Passport says “A silver chain is a simple and classic touch which adds a bit of style to any look. It’s subtle and classic enough that it doesn’t dominate, which is great because it shows off your style without being flashy.”

Relationship Expert April Masini states “A silver chain necklace is a lot more stylish than a gold chain necklace, which can be very 1980s dentist in a Corvette. The silver is closer to grey, which is a sexy color, and it shows that this guy can take a classic and make it modern. The beauty of the silver chain necklace is that it’s a lot easier to stack with rawhide if he’s an artist, more silver if he’s simply creative, or watches that are platinum. The guy who wears a silver chain around his neck is sexy and fashionable in an up-to-date way that yet never goes out of style.”

6. Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere Scarf - Instagram 1

Not only does a cashmere scarf look great on a man, but it also feels so soft and cozy. It’s worth investing in a cashmere scarf because scarfs will never go out of style, especially in a neutral color like grey or black. Natalie Langston suggests “an easy way for a man to up his style game is to add a soft, chic grey scarf that goes with any look. The scarf can be tied in multiple ways to add variety and change up your look. It’s easy, stylish and shows you put in that extra effort to pull yourself together.” We love the Ribbed & Marled Cashmere Scarf from Nordstrom.

7. Fun socks

Foot Cardigan

Foot Cardigan

Socks are the best way to add a little fun, color, humour and personality into your wardrobe. Colorful, patterned and funny socks are a must-have accessory for men. Women love a man with a sense of humor. Sarah, 30 says “my biggest fear is to date a guy who’s boring. I know it sounds weird, but if I catch a glimpse of a fun pair of socks on a first date, I’ll be impressed because I’ll know he’s got a sense of humor and some personality.” We love foot cardigan because you can sign up for a monthly “sock subscription” and get a new pair of unique and awesome socks in the mail each month for just $9 – $15 per month.

Keep these tips in your back pocket so that you can always dress to impress!

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