If you’re a man who wants to meet older women because you’re interested in dating an older woman, you’re not alone. Plenty of men like me are into older women as these ladies tend to be more confident, more independent and have more to offer a partner. Lots of guys are attracted to alpha females who have their life together. These women are more sure of what they want, less flaky, more financially stable, and are often into younger men. If you’ve been looking to meet women, you’ve probably realized that going about this is unlike anything you’ve done before. Compared to dating younger women, most single women you encounter won’t be friends of friends or conquests at the local bar – they’ll be entirely new connections you’ll meet by looking in entirely different places.

Once you figure out where the best places to meet older women are, you can start going to these specific locations well-dressed with your game face on. Here are 7 great places to meet older women:

1. Upscale hotel bars

Many single older women are tired of the meat-market environment of dodgy downtown bars, but they still like to go out. In most cities, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to nicer, more upscale bars, and many of these are located in upscale hotels.

single women go to hotel bars for the sophisticated atmosphere and because they know the clientele aren’t generally as rowdy in a hotel establishment. Hotel bars instead hold a clientele of businessmen traveling for work, for example, and single women know this is a better spot to meet quality men. Plus, single women have found that by sitting alone at a hotel bar, an attractive lonely business traveler might approach them. It’s a great place to meet men of a higher standard, and that means they won’t be opposed to being approached here.

The hotel bar acts as a type of man-filter for single women. Not too many immature guys are throwing back cheap beers here, and most hotel bars have a dress code. The men here are willing to spend a couple of extra dollars for the atmosphere, which means they’re likely going to be more her type than the boys at dive bars. So now that you know why women go to hotel bars for cocktails, you can start hitting up these bars too, and soon enough you’ll meet a great woman.

2. Online dating sites

One of the best places to meet women looking for younger guys is still online. Dating websites tailored to this specific pairing of younger men and single women are popping up all over the internet. Even regular dating websites can easily be tailored to meet women. Here’s a list of some of the best dating sites out there to meet women looking for younger guys.

Another reason online dating works is because most dating sites allow women to set their preferred age range. If you match with a single women, that means you’re in her desired age range – so you already know she’s open to dating younger and it’ll therefore be less awkward to hit on her. You’ll get access to more single women and actually know if they’re looking for younger men. This takes the guesswork out of finding a single woman.

3. The grocery store

Single women are typically organized enough to actually go grocery shopping instead of eating take-out at the last minute all the time. Plus, single people go food shopping alone all the time, and this gives them the perfect chance to flirt and chat with other shoppers. Younger women tend to go to bars to flirt and guys of all ages interested in younger women go there too. The grocery store, however, is the type of place an single woman would rather meet you at.

How you successfully meet women at the grocery store an art form in itself. First off, it’s a good idea to regularly go at the same time each week. This way you’ve got more chance of running into the same women more than once and develop a rapport. Secondly, it’s important to instigate the flirting early on in every visit, i.e. in the produce section. Offer her a bag for her tomatoes or ask her to help you find a good watermelon. From here, you’re a huge step closer to asking her what she’s planning for dinner – and if she doesn’t have anything planned yet, that’s your opening.

4. Yoga classes

If you think yoga is more of a younger woman’s thing, think again. The average age of women who attend yoga classes is much closer to 40 than 20. Yoga classes are full of single women who intend on taking good care of their bodies.

While you might be reluctant to sign up for a yoga class, the ratio of men to women might make it more appealing. It’s an easy place to meet single women since there aren’t that many single men who attend class. What’s more, it’s a good exercise to get into, so regardless of meeting women, you’re doing something healthy. “Haven’t I see you in Tuesday’s Hatha Yoga class?” is a great opening line when spotting a familiar face, and having a common interest with this woman will help you get your foot in the door.

5. Art walks and street fairs

Depending on where you live, there is bound to be events like art walks, swap meets, photo exhibitions or street fairs. These are designed to allow local artists, vendors and traders the opportunity to find local customers. They’re also great places to meet women. At these fairs or local events, it’s super easy to talk to people.

For example, asking an attractive single woman questions while you’re both checking out the display at stand nine is expected and don’t be surprised if a single woman approaches you. This situation is generally considered a safe setting where everyone is friendly with each other, and single women are much more confident here. In advance, you should be somewhat prepared on what the fair or exhibition is about, but you don’t need to be an expert. If you hit it off with someone, she’ll be only too happy to answer your questions or discuss a display with you.

6. Lunch spots and coffee shops

Single women tend to have more disposable income and lead less frantic lives than their younger counterparts. This means that they spend more time going out for lunch or coffee at nice establishments, perhaps after a day of errands or shopping.

The type of spot you’re looking for is less the takeout coffee or deli and more the place with nice seating that’s near the upscale boutiques and shops. These are the places where single women unwind. Regulars will start to recognize you if you go there often, and eventually you’ll have common ground and start chatting. You can do this in a coffee or lunch place several different ways. Ask her what she’s reading or if she’s ever tried the cold brew here, or simply discuss the weather or what’s happening on the other side of the glass window.

Dropping hints into the conversation about wanting to see her again is also easy. Just mention, for example, you’re always here Monday at this same time. This gives her the option to come at that time next week if she wants to see you again. Of course, if you’re feeling the right connection, you can also just ask her out straight away.

7. Hikes

While guys swear the gym is the best place to meet younger women, it’s not the right place to meet women. If you’re looking to meet a single woman who’s into fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the best way to do it is in the great outdoors.

Hiking is your best bet to meet people, for a few reasons. Park running is a no-go because if she runs past you in the opposite direction and smiles, your chance has already whizzed past you, and if you turn around and follow her, it’ll come across as creepy, not cute. On a local hike or walking trail, however, there are many opportunities to stop and talk to other hikers. Hikers tend to stop and smell the roses a bit more. They stop to admire the view, snap a photo, catch their breath – and this gives you a chance to talk to them. You can discuss the best trails, whether or not she’s done this hike before, etc. Looking for single women on hiking trails can also be done in twos. So if you’ve got a like-minded buddy, take him along. Single women don’t go hiking alone, either, so bring a friend to talk to her friend.

Do you have other suggestions of where to meet women? Let us know in the comments!

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