Resilience is one’s ability to bounce back from difficult times, and it’s one of the most captivating character traits you can possess.

Yes, some people have thicker skin than others, but I believe everyone is capable of being resilient if they are motivated enough to progress in life rather than be dragged down when things take a bad turn.

Most of what we want in life is within our power to obtain. Here’s why your resilience is so damn sexy:

You Know How To Cope

You cope in the healthiest way possible, and that’s what is so alluring about you. Instead of turning to substances or emotional eating, you turn to exercise.

In lieu of venting, you let it go. Instead of self-blaming, you solve problems. Rather than staring blankly at your bedroom wall, you create something.

You’re the Eternal Optimist

You believe that you control your own destiny, and you’re driven to succeed. You view negative events as valuable life lessons, and instead of setbacks, they become your pathway to prosperity.

You ooze confidence, and your happy energy is what draws others to you. A positive attitude is incredibly sexy and it’s a character trait among the resilient.

You Reinvent Yourself

Instead of crawling into a hole and playing dead, you breathe new life. You let yourself feel sad, but you use that sadness as motivation to find new avenues of achieving fulfillment.

You bounce back from that sadness in no time as you reinvent yourself, discover a new passion or start a new activity. You are your sexiest self as you explore and open new doors to your well-being. You’ve got a fresh perspective on life now and things are looking up.

Nobody Has To Coddle You

You’re not fragile or viewed as a delicate flower. Your friends and family know you to be the person who remains calm in a crisis, rather than falling apart.

The fact that you can roll with the punches makes you much more attractive than you would be if others always had to baby you, knowing that you might crumble if faced with a setback.

You Don’t Dwell On the Past

Sure you have baggage (everyone does). Yours, however, isn’t the obvious kind that would be so discernible on a first date that it would turn off your prospect. The negative events that have occurred in your life stay in the past, while you’re more focused on your bright future.

There are many ways in which resilient people focus on the silver lining; it just requires a different way of thinking. If you’re let go from your job, stay focused on the anticipation that your next job will be significantly better.

If you have a falling out with your best friend, realize it’s a blessing in disguise, as you now have an opportunity to become closer with your sister.

You’re Getting Stronger By The Day

Life can’t throw you a punch hard enough to knock you down, and that’s a beautiful quality. Every time you’ve been forced to overcome an obstacle, you took the lesson you learned with you, making it less likely that you’ll make the same mistake again.

Rather than being coddled, you’re the person your friends will go to for advice on how to be strong.

Your Ability to Adapt to Change Advances You in Life

Sometimes resilience involves a much-needed ability to adapt to change. Change can be a great thing and an excellent opportunity for personal growth. While you adapt to change, you progress in life.

New patterns become new routines, and before you know it you’ve accomplished amazing lifestyle changes that are much healthier and tremendously more beneficial. Not only have you bounced back from difficult times, you’ve started fresh.

This article, written by Erica Gordon, was originally published on Elite Daily

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