6 years ago,  UK-based blogger Amelia Goodhead started a lifestyle blog called xameliax  as an evening side hobby while also working 9-5 in recruitment. 3 years ago, she followed up with the xameliax YouTube channel which now boasts over 12,000 subscribers and her combined social following is at over 30,000 followers and growing. She offers her loyal followers amazing travel tips, delicious one-of-a-kind recipes, effective and unique beauty tips, entertainment reviews and several other luxury lifestyle recommendations that keep her readers and viewers coming back for more. This year, Amelia took the leap and quit her day job to become a full-time blogger and YouTuber. With her blogging income, YouTube income and number of paid partnerships quickly increasing, Amelia realized she just might be able to turn her hobby into her dream job – which is exactly what she did. In our exclusive interview with the babe behind xameliax, we got some entrepreneurial insight into what it’s like to transition into a self-employed blogging role as well as great travel tips, beauty tips and recipes.

How did it feel when your blog xameliax.com became so popular that you were able to quit your day job and blog full time? What’s full time blogging like?

XAX: It had been a long time coming and I felt so incredibly proud I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and grab random people in the street to tell them! I’d worked for 6 years to get here and realising my dreams of going full time were about to become a reality was overwhelming and oh so exciting. It’s great, I’m honestly loving every single second of it. I feel totally comfortable and I know I’ve finally found my calling. I don’t know if it will last forever or where the blogging and vlogging community will be in the next 5 years but I’m so excited to be a part of it right now.

Amelia at the Cosmopolitan UK blog awards

Amelia at the Cosmopolitan UK blog awards

What are some of the perks to being self-employed and able to work your own hours? What are the key differences you’ve noticed in your own lifestyle since becoming a full time blogger?

XAX: The flexibility is the best part – being able to structure my own diary so I can go to certain events, workshops and meet-ups that before I couldn’t attend due to my 9-5 job. Having the control to be 100% creative and go wherever I want to with my career is exciting.

I’ve also got my evenings and weekends back! For the last 6 years I’ve worked every evening after my 9-5 sometimes until 2-3 am and every weekend on my blog. Now that I’m full time blogging, I get my personal life back and it’s amazing – although I do sometimes get a little lost if I’ve got nothing in particular to do! It takes time to break habits I suppose, and it’s about realising that it’s okay to do nothing for an evening every once in a while now!

Luxury lifestyle obviously includes some great date nights. What’s your idea of a SuperDate?

XAX: My idea of a SuperDate would be a day at a theme park followed by a great meal out with good food and a nice bottle of wine!

We know that your blog includes travel tips. What is the most memorable, special destination you’ve ever traveled to?

XAX: I’ve been to so many wonderful places. Personally for me it was Thessaloniki, Greece and my first travel blogging opportunity solo.  I learned so much in that four days about other people, about travelling and about myself that it will always have a special place. For pure luxury, our trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico this year was to die for! I’d highly recommend both destinations.

Amelia travel blogging in Cancun

Amelia travel blogging in Cancun

On YouTube, you’re well-known for your awesome beauty tips and tricks. Can you give us a winter beauty tip? 

XAX: Something I’ve learned myself recently is that a lot of fine lines and wrinkles can be caused by dehydration rather than premature aging. I’ve been loving face oils these passed few months and have noticed a huge difference in my skin – I’ve got that youthful glow back! Here’s a post I wrote recently on three easy ways to get moisture back into your skin this winter.

You’re definitely skilled in the kitchen, and you post some mouth-watering food and drink photos on your blog. What are some of your favourite simple recipes?

XAX: I’m big on cooking, baking and cocktail making – the boyfriend calls me a triple threat in the kitchen! My favourite cocktail recipe has to be the White Cosmopolitan – it’s a real show stopper! But for the festive season you’ve got to try my Bakewell Mince Pies – they’re Mince Pies (sweet-spiced raisin pastries in case you haven’t heard of them) crossed with Bakewell Tarts (almond and jam tarts) and they taste AMAZING! You take the frangipan almond filling from a Bakewell tart and the mince meat (not actually meat!) from a mince pie and put them together in sweet pastry. Here’s a video tutorial so that you can make them this winter!

xameliax explains how to make a White Cosmopolitan just like in the photo above

xameliax explains how to make a White Cosmopolitan just like in the photo above

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a full-time blogger or a self-employed entrepreneur? 

XAX: Today being a full time blogger and Youtuber is a fully fledged career path, but don’t underestimate the work and dedication that goes into it blogging and vlogging. If you’re looking at it as an easy job, then it’s not for you. Make sure you love everything you do , always be yourself and understand it’s going to take time to make a career out of it.  I’ve been doing this for over 6 years and it’s only just become big enough to allow me to go full-time and have it be my sole source of income. It’s a new and exciting world, but at the end of the day it’s still a business so you must be prepared for all the boring stuff like invoicing and administration as well. It’s the best decision I ever made to take the plunge and become a full-time blogger / YouTuber, and I’m so excited to be a part of this new arena.

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