Changing our hair with the seasons is a common practice, and changing our hair color for Fall is a tradition many of us look forward to each year. You’ve noticed the leaves on the trees change color, so why shouldn’t your hair change color, too?

Luckily, some of 2019’s most beautiful hair color trends for Fall, will stay trending right through into Winter. We can give you some inspiration for the perfect Fall and Winter look.

Changing one’s hair with the changing seasons is an unwritten “rule”, similar to the practice of changing up your hair after a break-up. It feels natural to do it, and it feels right, and that’s why so many of us feel inclined to change up our hair as soon as we start smelling pumpkin spiced lattes or mulled wine.

Now that you’ve begun to switch your iced coffees for warm lattes, and you’re trading breezy t-shirts for cozy sweaters, you probably can’t help but want to warm up your hair color, too.

I spoke to Cynthia Skabar, hair expert and founder of Future Hair Training Centre, who confirmed that in the Fall, the color palettes used in hair salons are often inspired by Fall hues found in nature, such as the warm coppers and caramel browns of the fallen leaves. Many of the current Fall hair color trends are predicted to also be trending this Winter. Below are some of the best hair trends to try if you’re seeking the perfect Fall and Winter look:

1. Copper Penny Hair

In the Fall, hair hues typically get deeper, darker, and richer. We expect to see a lot of deep auburns, rich copper hues and chocolate browns, which remind us of the colors of the Fall leaves. But even though hair rules typically involve something darker for Fall and Winter, and lighter for Spring and Summer, do any of us actually have to follow the rules?

It seems like 2019’s Fall and Winter hair trends are finally breaking some rules and encouraging a less traditional approach to your seasonal hair transformation. I interviewed Cynthia Skabar, hair expert and founder of Future Hair Training Centre, which is an organization known for predicting future hair trends. Skabar explains, “In the salon, it’s very typical for us to see our clients hair colors start to imitate the colors of the Fall leaves. We notice people’s hair start to resemble the colors Fall produces such as copper and red tones. This Fall, however, we predicted that the copper tones would get lighter and brighter.” Skabar goes on to describe the lighter hues many women are mixing into their warmer tones to add dimension. “Imagine the color of a shiny, brand new penny. That’s the light copper hue we’re seeing this Fall in addition to the deeper coppers and auburns.”

Skabar explained that the Fall of 2019’s light copper hue which resembles a brand new, shiny penny, can be placed throughout the hair using free-hand coloring techniques and balayage. “Your hairstylist can use the balayage technique to paint the lighter sections in sweeping motions to create a softly blended look that subtly incorporates the color of a shiny new penny in with the more traditional, deeper copper hues.”

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This season, we’re seeing subtle ombre looks where people dye their hair auburn, but lighten their ends in this shiny new penny color. Since face-framing highlights are so hot in 2019 you also can’t go wrong framing your face with this light copper penny hue.

2. Cinnamon Hair Color Trend

We visualize cinnamon as a warm, golden-brown color. Celebrity colorist Ryan Trygstad, suggests that if you have any blonde balayage in your hair left over from summer, you should leave it in, and bend some red tones throughout for a warm, spicy and dimensional look.

The result is reminiscent of a dash of cinnamon spice, sprinkling red and bronze tones throughout your hair and repurposing any blonde you have from the summer with autumn-inspired toners. Trygstad says that there is a sweet spot where brown meets red, and that’s where cinnamon lives.

For the bleach-blondes out there, looking for something a little warmer and darker for the Fall and Winter months, the cinnamon hair trend would be a perfect transition for them as well.

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3. Mulled Wine

Just like you would expect, ‘mulled wine’ hair is a deep red or burgundy – and sometimes almost a deep purple or plum hue. Since mulled wine is known for being a warm and spicy Fall beverage, as well as a wintery and Christmasy drink, this look is great for both Fall and Winter.

Cynthia Skabar from Future Hair Training Centre says, “We’re seeing a lot of rich plum colors this season, which are often used to achieve the mulled wine look.” 

For most people, the mulled wine look is much deeper and darker than they’re used to, but it’s very empowering. Plus, if you’ve lost your summer tan, know that deeper and darker hair colors suit pale skin tones more than lighter hues do.

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Honeyed Red

If you’re not down with the tradition of going darker for Fall and Winter, remember that this season we’re seeing plenty of non-traditional, lighter trends. Another way to achieve a sexy Fall and Winter look is with a honeyed red.

With a generous dose of honey-golden highlights added to your rich red color, you’ll be sure to keep your inner fire lit during sweater weather. You can achieve this look using the balayage technique on a rich red base.

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We hope that you try out one of these fall hair trends that can easily transition into winter!

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