With my one year wedding anniversary quickly approaching, I realized something very important: at Christmas time or around Valentine’s Day, commercials and ads tend to sell to the male shopper. Jewelry for her, gift ideas for her, etc. The abundance of commercials, ads and articles guiding  men on what to buy for their girlfriend or wife makes these holidays easy on men to do their shopping. If they’re smart, they’ll remember these gift-guides around their anniversaries too.

I realized that while men are practically beaten over the head with gift ideas, women are left scrambling for gift ideas for their man. Since there aren’t a ton of gift-guides out there for women, I’m here to help. From one female shopper with a man at home to another – here are 5 perfect gift ideas for your man:

1. Plan An Awesome Night Out With The Boys for Him

Sometimes, all a guy really needs is a break; a fun night out to not think about home life, work life or anything else he’s stressed about. He needs to do it with your encouragement, not with the worry hanging over his head that you’re going to be pissed when he stumbles through the door at 4am. The next time you’re planning a gift for your man, whether it’s for your anniversary, to congratulate him on something, or just for no reason, think about this: planning a fun night out for him and his friends is something he won’t forget. Buy them all tickets to a game, or a concert. Arrange a limo to take them out on the town. You do all the planning so that they can just enjoy the night.

2. A Personalized Bow Tie

A bow tie is a great opportunity to pick out something unique and trendy for him to wear on a special night out, using what you know about your man (his favorite color, what color dress shirt he usually wears and what would go nicely with it, etc). There’s a company called Knot Theory that makes incredible bow ties. They’re unique, reversible and they have cool designs. There’s casual bow ties and fancier ones. The quality is great because they’re handmade in Canada (but ship worldwide). You can also personalize the bow tie with the date of your anniversary stitched in, or yours and his initials.

3. Something Big and Fancy

Just as we like to show off our diamond earrings and other special, fancy things he has bought us, men like to show off extravagant gifts from their woman too. Don’t be afraid to go big and surprise him. A new TV from staples? A designer watch or something autographed by their favorite athlete or musician? All good choices. Guys like to be spoiled just like we do and they even like bragging to their guys about what we bought them. So if they’re going to brag, make the gift brag-worthy! Their friends will likely verbalize that they wish their woman was as thoughtful as you, which will only reinforce in your man’s mind how lucky he is to have you.

4. Cute and Funny Coupon Books:

Yes this idea has gone around many times, and may even seem a little childish – but there’s an adult version of this idea that can be super funny and really adorable. A coupon book is a great way to show him you’re listening to what he wants. You can design your own coupons for just about anything: sexual coupons, coupons for cooking a meal he likes, coupons for chores, fantasy coupons, etc. Make these coupons for things he would actually want. A coupon for fulfilling one bedroom fantasy, or a coupon for one week free of diaper changing! If you choose things you know he’ll be happy with, not things you think he’ll be happy with, it shows that you care and that you listen. Remember one thing though: any coupon you make for him, you have to honor – so make sure you’re fine with honoring all of them, because you’ll have to!

5. A Surprise Romantic Night Out For The Two of You

Just as much as he’d enjoy a night out with the boys, he’d also be thrilled at the idea of a luxurious night for just the two of you. I see so many women post online about how much they love it when their guys surprises them with a romantic dinner or night out. Well, ladies, it’s your turn to do the same thing! Pick a fancy restaurant, or rent a room at a beautiful hotel. Guys like when you go the extra mile to romance them instead of the other way around as it’s more special and intimate. Don’t forget to pick up the check at the end of the night!

Ladies, the truth of the matter is that guys aren’t so different from us. They enjoy being romanced and ‘wow’ed, and love showing off cool gifts to their friends. Even though the ads aren’t going out of their way to tell us what to buy for our men- we’ve got this! You’re about to score some major brownie points with your man, so you’re welcome.

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