Summer is a stunning time of year, everything becomes more beautiful and you truly feel as though you’re seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. When it comes to dating during the summer months, you might find that just like Sandy and Danny, summer lovin’ can happen so fast. Put yourself out there before Winter takes over and the men start hibernating again, so that you won’t be left wondering how you still didn’t manage to score a sexy summer fling.

A fling in summer has the opportunity to bloom into something really special or at the very least you will have memories of an exciting adventure to hold onto. We have ten tips that will give you an advantage in finding a sizzling, summer romance:

1. Working At A Festival 

Music festivals, food festivals, movie festivals – every summer there is always so many to choose from. These events often have thousands of people who attend every day, so they are constantly on the lookout for temporary staff members.

Working with a team at a festival will introduce you to many new faces who will be working by your side eight-ten hours a day. You will soon find this to be the perfect opportunity to get to know your potential summer romance as the majority of staff are also housed together. You can appear as a friendly co-worker until you both are ready to enjoy a fling outside of work hours.

2. Straying Away From The Pack 

Don’t make the mistake of believing that if you move within a large social circle then your dating success will improve. Large groups can be intimidating to outsiders and potential summer romancers might not approach you for a flirt when there are many spectators around.

Try hanging out in small groups of three. If someone has their eye on you then try moving away from the group so you can get to know each other better in private. Even if your conversation is a struggle you can always return to your friends and have a giggle about it – then start all over again until you find the perfect summer lover.

3. Backpacking Around Europe 

Backpacking is one of the easiest ways to meet new people. Like-minded travellers from all walks of life will be staying in the same hostels and you already have the perfect ice-breaker as you can just discuss your exciting travel tales.

There is also every opportunity that your summer fling might accompany you when travelling to other destinations. Adventure is a wonderful aphrodisiac and you will also be creating some really magical memories together.

4. Dressing For The Sunshine 

Don’t even think about heading outside in a pair of jeans and a hoody this summer. Toss your shiny hair around, show off your legs and keep your colour palette bright. Look as if you belong outdoors and you will soon be turning heads like a real goddess of the sun.

Confidence is the key to attracting others so invest in a summer wardrobe that compliments your figure and you will instantly shine. Another beauty trick for drop-dead gorgeous shiny legs is to use vaseline on your shins. Potential summer flings will be literally falling at your feet.

5. Working In A Bar Abroad 

Summer season abroad has an ongoing reputation for raunchy, late nights and if this is your idea of a hot summer then go for it! Each year there are any bars and clubs that look for seasonal, temporary staff. It can be hard work and it will most certainly be late nights, but your co-workers will be in the same boat.

Seasonal staff often get to share accommodation so after hours you will always have plenty of new friends to chat with. Your summer fling will also most likely live nowhere near your hometown so this is a great chance to start a refreshing new romance.

6. Host Your Own Summer BBQ 

The best thing about hosting your own summer BBQ? Everyone talks to the hostess so even when your friends bring strangers to the party you are usually one of the first people to meet them. It’s the perfect opportunity to work the room and source out any potential summer lovers.

Remember not to drink too much so you are always approachable. Don’t let one guest in particular hold all your attention (take a phone number and get in touch later). Always have a quiet space away from loud music so people can have one-to-one conversations, maybe a lounge inside or bench at the bottom of the garden. You will be hosting parties every weekend once you get into the swing of things.

7. Playing Beach Sports

When it comes to sports – the more, the merrier. Set up volleyball or badminton at your local beach and if you see any potential flings walking by then call them over. Group activities are a great way to get to know people without feeling the pressure of one-to-one conversation.

After you finish burning calories suggest heading for a meal to top up your body fuel. Before you know it you will all be meeting regularly on the beach and romance will soon begin to blossom.

8. Joining An Outdoor Fitness Group 

Summer is the perfect season to get into shape under the sun. Check your local listings and you will be sure to find plenty of outdoor fitness groups that will meet up close by. Join a selection of groups instead of just attending the one then you can increase your chances of meeting your perfect summer romance.

Pick your exercise outfit carefully as you will want to show off your improving figure but not reveal everything as people might not respond to you in a friendly manner if you are just openly hunting for guys. Play it call and just be your charming, usual self.

9. Advertising Yourself As Single 

Let your friends and colleagues know that you open to the idea of a sizzling summer romance. Ask around if anyone knows a potential blind date you could be set up with. Dating often turns into a numbers game as the more people you meet the more luck you will have in finding the perfect person.

Don’t be shy to ask from the world what exactly it is you want. Always remember to keep an open-mind and don’t be too dismissive of those who on face value might not appear perfect – these are often the potential flings that end up surprising you.

10.  Attending Almost Every Party

This summer (not that you need encouraging) never turn an invitation for a party down. For all you know you could be kissing goodbye to the perfect guy who would have spent the rest of summer with you. Whether it’s a low-key event with friends or a big extravaganza always show up with a winning outfit so you can network amongst other attractive people.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will not only boost your confidence but also open doors to meeting new people you aren’t too familiar with. Again always remember to not drink too much and get contact numbers from guys you feel chemistry with. You never know where this year’s sumer romance might lead.

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