If you’re a romantic, you’ll often daydream about grand romantic gestures that your boyfriend could act out to show he cares. However, if your boyfriend doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body and would rather play video games with you than go for a walk on the beach, you’ll feel like your romance fantasies are forced to stay in your head.

Even though your boyfriend may not be a romantic type, that doesn’t mean you’ll never be romantically satisfied. It’s all about having a balance of romance and non-romance in order to keep both of you happy. Here is a 7-step guide to help you deal with your non-romantic boyfriend:

1. Plan occasional romantic surprises. Just because he isn’t romantic, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to be romantic. Lead by example. Whether it’s writing a short, sweet letter, or giving him a gift for no reason at all, little things here and there will show him that romance isn’t so bad after all. You’ll feel amazing for embracing your romantic side, and maybe you’ll even spark a flicker of his inner romance.

2. Switch off planning date nights. If you show him that you can endure his idea of a date, then he will be perfectly fine accepting your date ideas. Even though your planned dates might be more elaborate than his, it will allow the two of you to have the correct balance that you need. This way, you’ll both be content in the relationship, and things will never get boring.

3. Engage in a deep conversation. Deep connections are the heart and soul of all romantic couples. Try to start a deep and open conversation with him by asking him a question that truly makes him think. Don’t force the conversation, but give it some effort until he’s able to share some deep-rooted feelings and emotions. Once you make a breakthrough, you’ll be able to occasionally have heart-to-heart conversations with him. This will allow you to feel a lot closer to him without feeling the need for forced romance. Nothing connects a couple more than a powerful conversation.

4. Give him a detailed description about your ideal romantic evening. Chances are, if you tell him what your perfect night with him would look like, he might actually make it happen. Explain to him what your idea of a SuperDate is. He should want to please you because he cares about you. If you tell him how much you would appreciate this from him, he can try his best to be romantic for at least one night. Since this is a rare occurrence, it’ll feel very special when it happens.

5. Discover a mutual hobby. If you are able to do something together that you both love, then there will be no room for complaints. Try to get involved in this hobby together at least once a week, so you can build a stronger relationship. If you’re doing something that you mutually enjoy, it won’t even matter to you that there is no romance involved. You’ll just be happy about the fact that you’re both happy.

6. Make a compromise of saving the most romantic dates for holidays. It shouldn’t bee too hard to get him to agree to be romantic on special occasions. That’s really not asking a lot of him, and it will give you something to look forward to. As far as planning the special night goes, you can make it a team effort so it’s enjoyable on both ends.

7. Accept your relationship for what it is. All in all, you can never force a non-romantic person to be ultra-romantic; it just is what it is. It’s great if you can achieve that balance in your relationship, but you have to also appreciate your boyfriend for who he is. As long as the two of you have a healthy relationship to begin with, you have reassurance that you will always find a way to make it work. A romantic person can be involved with a non-romantic person; it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it’s made out to be.

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