The Bystander Effect, as explained by Psychology Today, occurs when someone witnesses crime, conflict, accident or human suffering and fails to take action or intervene. This often happens because we assume someone else will intervene and we therefore diffuse the responsibility onto others. A bystander will not get involved.

The Bystander Effect applies when it comes to getting involved in your own life, too.

Do Not Let Yourself Be A Bystander

If you are a bystander when it comes to your own life, it means you are present but not actively  involved. You are not committed to make a change for a better life for yourself. You do not take an active part in ensuring self-improvement or ensuring you reach your full potential. Your life is not your own personal spectator sport, so you should never watch while it crumbles when you could be doing anything and everything to stop the walls from closing in on you.

In your own life, failing to intervene when things start to take a wrong turn could leave you feeling full of regret.

Implement an Intervention For Yourself

Instead of passively watching as your day-to-day life continues to not be the way you want it to be, and instead of playing the bystander role, put a plan in motion to change what needs to be changed in order for you to be happy and successful.

Unlock Your Hidden Talents

In order to unlock your full potential, you need to realize what it is that you’re really great at doing and love doing. Brainstorm careers that would put your hidden talents to use, which will in turn give you a career you’re passionate about and happy doing every day.

A bystander would go to work at a job they dislike without intervening and making a change to help themselves. What you should be doing is walking away from the things that are threatening your well-being, without any sort of hesitation or excuses.

How do you know whether or not you’re amazingly talented at painting if you have never gone to an art class and tried it? Finding your passion, if you don’t already have one, could be as easy as just trying a few new things.

End The Passivity

You’re in control of your own life and your own happiness to such a huge extent. The catch? Not if you’re passive. You have to be assertive and take control. Not tomorrow, later, next week, or next month. It has to start today.

If you have a great idea, engage yourself with the idea – maybe even invent something! There are a ton of regular people just like you and I, who invented something and are now multi-millionaires because they had the drive to follow through with their idea and they were not passive about it. That’s just one out of hundreds of examples of the difference between bystanders and people who are committed to a better life.

Your goal? Be a hustler. In Gen-Y terms, that means you work hard, make that money, stop at nothing for success, and most importantly you think outside the box. Hustlers are not passive bystanders. They don’t diffuse responsibility or have a false idea that what they want will eventually come to them, even if they just sit there.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. – Will Rogers


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