When searching for the Spring Equinox meaning and how it might affect you, think of the equinox as the Earth returning to a place of perfect balance and restored energy. You might find that your mood stabilizes after the equinox, as you feel more balanced and energized. You’ll start to believe in possibilities again, and you’ll feel ready to get moving towards greatness.

The Spring Equinox (also known as the vernal equinox or the March equinox) is an astronomical event that marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, rebirth, renewal, spiritual awakening and personal growth. Spring Equinox 2021 takes place on Saturday, March 20 at 5:47 a.m. EDT. At this time, the sun crosses the equator line, heading north, and the sun is directly above the Earth’s equator. This means that at the exact same moment spring begins for us, your friends in the Southern Hemisphere (friends in Australia and South Africa, for example) are entering the autumn season. 

The word equinox means “equal night” and at the time of the equinox, the length of daylight hours and darkness hours is nearly equal in all parts of the world. (Some people therefore feel especially connected to a loved one in another part of the world on the day of the equinox.)

The equality of day and night in all parts of the world (the equinox) only happens twice per year. Every year, there will only be two specific moments in time where the sun is exactly above the Earth’s equator. In 2021, this will occur on March 20, and one more time when the Fall (or Autumnal) equinox takes place on September 22.

Are You About to Turn a Corner in Life? The Spring Equinox Meaning as a Turning Point

The Spring Equinox marks the turning point on Earth when daylight begins to overtake darkness. You’re therefore about to come out of the dark place, and start seeing the light. Envision yourself coming out of winter’s dark hibernation with enthusiasm, a renewed zest for life, and a brighter outlook on life.

You’ll start seeing things differently, and if you’ve been stuck in a rut, you might be about to turn a corner in life. You may start to have more physical energy (more motivation for fitness, productivity and activity) as well as improved emotional energy.

If you’re struggling right now, it could be because the period of transition (where winter is ending and spring is about to begin) has put you in a state of mental purgatory. Many people feel unbalanced and emotionally unstable during periods of transition. When the season is about to change, it can unsettle your equilibrium. Post-equinox, however, your equilibrium may be restored and your energy may shift into a more positive and balanced energy.

It’s normal to feel a sense of inner darkness within the darker months of the year. Many studies have proven the effects of the seasons on our mental state.

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere who are experiencing the beginning of spring will notice warming temperatures, more daylight hours, sprouting plants, blooming flowers, birds, bees and butterflies. With that, comes a spiritual shift that you can benefit from greatly.

What is the Spiritual Significance of the Spring Equinox?

With the Spring Equinox, your spirit is being re-energized and awakened with creative new ideas and a fresh perspective. The spiritual energy felt with the start of spring has the power to make you feel more motivated, inspired, alive and hopeful. Parts of you are being reborn and you may feel a newfound optimism when it comes to your dreams, opportunities and possibilities. You may be ready to let go of things that are causing uncertainty, and ready to let better things in.

It is your internal awakening during this time that is so important. Without an internal shift that meets the Earth’s external shift, you won’t feel that spiritual awakening. In other words, the Spring Equinox doesn’t have as significant of an effect on you if you don’t participate in the energetic shift internally.

Harnessing the Spiritual Energy of the Beginning of Spring

Most people will feel the energetic shift and the effects of the Spring Equinox, even if they feel it subconsciously. You can take advantage of this new surge of energy in many positive ways.

You can let go of self-limiting beliefs, and start to look forward towards possibilities and your own potential. You can make a decision to change your perspective, cease bad habits, and begin new adventures. 

Explore new ideas, meet new people, let go of your negative outlook and start a new chapter. Get ready to introduce everyone to the post-equinox you.

How the Spring Equinox Affects Relationships

Spring symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings. This means that if you’re thinking of getting back together with an ex lover or ex friend, you must agree to start fresh and let go of resentment. Give yourselves the gift of a clean slate. Or, you might use the energetic shift of the equinox to explore a new relationship. 

Think of it as Spring Cleaning of your mind. Decluttering your mind of the mess of the past, so that you have the capacity to see people in your life with a newfound understanding. 

Most importantly, however, harness the power of this energetic shift to impact your relationship with yourself. Use this re-energized feeling to build yourself back up and focus on personal growth.

Spring is a Season of Illumination, Transformation and Growth

In springtime, plants and flowers are growing and the Earth is illuminated with earlier sunrises,  later sunsets, and more daylight. It’s a great time of year to focus on personal growth and find clarity. With illumination comes clarity, and if you were feeling stuck, you might be ready to move in the direction of growth and change.

If you feel like something is pushing you to move in a new direction and shift your perspective, know that it’s not a coincidence that it’s happening during a seasonal shift. The Spring Equinox meaning is that much greater when you participate in the shift and let it carry you into new beginnings.

Know someone who’s been struggling recently? Share this article with them so they can feel hopeful that their life might be about to turn a corner as they enter the season of new beginnings.

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