Stylish bachelorette pad decor often makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying the time you spend at home. There are those who love hanging out at home, and those who don’t, but stylish and comfortable home decor plays a major role in how you feel at home.

One day, you might be living with your significant other, and the two of you will have to agree on home decor. For now, however, this is your place, and you should do what you want with it.

When you find yourself at home a lot, whether it’s because you work at home or you’re in quarantine, you’ll quickly start to get the itch to redecorate if your surroundings aren’t to your liking. 

The place you call home should be decorated in a way that reflects who you are, and feels like coming home to the ultimate sanctuary. 

The color theme, decorations and materials should all reflect your personal style and unique personality. Home decorating is a very therapeutic way to express yourself. By surrounding yourself with decor that triggers positive emotions, lifts your spirits and helps you remember who you, you’re fostering a healthy home environment.

Decorating your bachelorette pad is a very creative and fun experience that is also a highly personal experience. You know yourself best, but below are some helpful tips that will help guide you as you revamp your living space:

1. Just The Right Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important components of stylish bachelorette pad decor. Avoid harsh, ultra-bright or fluorescent lights as much as possible. Yes, you may sometimes need bright lighting to work on a project, but for the most part, you’ll want soft lighting. Lights with dimmers are excellent options for this reason. You can create intimate or relaxing moods easily when you have dimmers, and any extra cost associated with a dimmer switch is well worth it.

Stock up on candles so that you can create beautiful and calming candlelight whenever you feel like it. Many people find it soothing to journal by candlelight and read by candlelight. 

Salt lamps and string lights are other forms of soft lighting that double as stylish bachelorette pad decor. These types of lights emit a beautiful glow, they’re pretty to look at, and they provide great ambience lighting. 

String lights or firefly lights can be wrapped around a bed frame, hung on the ceiling like a canopy of lights, or used to outline walls or mirrors.

The right lighting can set the mood, relax you, and reduce stress. 

2. Decorate the Windows

The two most common window decorations are curtains and window sill decor. On a window sill, you’ll likely want to display pretty ornaments, faux or real flowers in a beautiful vase, framed photos, or trinkets that are from your travels. 

As far as curtains or drapes go, meet pretty with practical. If you need curtains that block out the light, try to find blackout curtains with a lace overlay or some that block light without being too bulky or unsightly. 

Curtains that block out light help ensure your living space doesn’t get too hot when you’re out, your furniture and art doesn’t get damaged by the sun, and you can have darkness when you require it. (There’s nothing worse than being at home sick or hungover and cursing at the sun for being too loud.)

When choosing drapes or curtains, you should opt for “drapery weight” coverings, which weigh less than their “upholstery weight” counterparts. Heavier coverings tend to clash with your desired bachelorette pad style. 

3. Don’t Rush the Process

You’ll risk falling into the “catalog syndrome” when you hastily select your furniture and decorations from a catalog. “Catalog syndrome” describes decorative schemes where all the furniture and accessories are from the same catalog or store.

The place you call home should express your personal style, which few matching sets from catalogs will do. The key is to take your time, gradually adding new furniture and decorations that are chosen with care and accurately reflect your wants, needs, and personality.

One day, when you find the perfect reading chair at a vintage store, you’ll regret buying that plain and boring chair from IKEA. Don’t rush the decorative process. Give yourself time to find the right pieces and the perfect accents.

4. Blend New with Vintage

Decorating with all new items can be just as problematic as “catalog syndrome.” Successfully combining modern decorations with vintage or eclectic decorations will help you create a unique and personalized living environment.

The secret is to know which items should be new, and which could be vintage. For example, while you might want your couch to be new, you may prefer the look of vintage mirrors on your walls.

5. Implement a Color Theme

There is plenty of science that supports the argument that different colors have different effects on the human brain. Certain colors can evoke certain moods, and that’s one of the primary reasons your color theme matters.

The other reason color themes are important is because a living space is much more aesthetically pleasing when a color theme is used. You’ll have your chosen colors in mind when you paint the walls, buy your bedding, and purchase home decor items or furniture accents.

Your throw pillows, lamps, and wall art should all match your color theme. 

Many people like to use neutral and calming colors such as grays and blues as their majority, with another brighter color choice whenever they need a pop of color.

The most important thing is to use colors you love, that make you feel happy and at ease.

6. Integrate a Home Office Space

More and more people are working from home, but they don’t understand the importance of getting off the couch to do their work. A dedicated home office space is pertinent to productivity. Invest in a good office chair, a desk, and put it by a window if you enjoy working with a view of nature. If space is an issue, do a little research on how to be creative with small spaces. Some people use floating desks that fold up into the wall when they’re not being used, similar to a murphy bed.

Decorate your desk with wealth triggers or motivating quotes in frames. Keep it tidy and organized so that it’s always inviting.

7. Design the Bedroom to be Chic and Comfortable

The goal should be to have a bedroom that is chic yet feels inviting, safe, relaxing and comfortable. Do not cheap out on the mattress; it should be very comfortable and durable. Buying the bed frame and bedside tables from different stores will prevent “catalog syndrome” from occurring. Adorning the bedroom with eclectic mirrors or artwork will add a personal flair to the room. Even an addition as simple as a vintage-inspired rug can significantly enhance a bedroom’s look and feel.

The bedding is very important, too. With your chosen color theme in mind, choose bedding that is both a soft material and a stylish design. Stylish bachelorette pad decor is easy to achieve with the right accent pillows, duvet cover, and wall art. Look into wall decals, and explore the concept of an accent wall. For example, one wall of your bedroom could be covered in palm leaves, if you want your bedroom to be reminiscent of a Hollywood hotel room.

In addition to color themes, many bachelorettes like to also choose a real theme for their decor. Nautical themes and tropical themes are popular choices, for instance, but you can get creative with your theme.

8. Remember that Less is More

One of the most difficult parts of decorating is to keep it simple and be very selective with what you buy. There is so much stylish bachelorette pad decor out there, it’s difficult to be selective, but you must be disciplined. Why? Because a cluttered living space clutters the mind. Having less “stuff” in your home counteracts a claustrophobic feeling, and makes your space feel bigger. Give yourself some breathing room and keep it decluttered. Space-saving furniture that doubles as something else is helpful. Perhaps your stylish ottoman opens up, and therefore doubles as blanket storage. Or, maybe your bed frame has concealed storage drawers. Your TV stand has spacious cupboards. Get creative with ways to conceal clutter and save space.

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