If you’ve been dating someone for awhile and you genuinely adore each other’s company, moving in together may feel like a natural next step. That said, it’s still a big life decision that you shouldn’t just jump into. Yes, moving in together is an adventure and you’ll finally be able to head to work in the morning without lugging a bulky overnight bag with you. Putting some thought into your plans of moving in together will definitely increase that plan’s success. Here are 10 signs that you’re ready to move in together:

1. It makes sense financially. Living independently has it’s perks but can often be expensive. If you are both paying your own set of rent and bills then splitting the cost between you might make more sense financially. It also helps that you won’t have to waste money on gas or transit from constantly traveling to see your significant other. Although money isn’t everything in life, it certainly helps to have more disposable income to spend on date night!

2. You’ve successfully spent an uninterrupted week together. Everyone is different in their own unique way, and at home we all have our very own set of individual quirks and perks. This is our ‘secret single behavior’ as coined by Carrie Bradshaw. Spending an uninterrupted week together, perhaps on holiday or during a week off work, will determine if you can actually cope with each other’s at-home habits.

3. You enjoy down time with each other. Have you and your partner spent an evening together which wasn’t a social event or date night? Have you spent many evenings at home watching a movie and making some home cooked food? Do you agree on which shows you want to binge-watch on Netflix? If the answer is yes, then you’ll already feel comfortable with each other when you’re relaxing at home.

4. You are familiar with each other’s friends and family. You’re bound to have guests come and visit your new home, so it’s always best to be well-introduced to each other’s friends and family. If he’s having his friend over, or you’re having your friend over, either way you want to make sure you all get along well. Having a good relationship with the important people in each other’s life will bring you closer together.

5. You have similar tastes. You don’t want to argue over the color of the walls – that’s way too cliche. Decorating your home should be fun, so find out if your tastes are similar and if not, opt for something neutral that you both can agree on. Avoid any severe style clashes at home by discussing far in advance how you both envision your future home.Don’t assume that living together means you will have to completely collaborate. Having your own space is often crucial for a happy and healthy relationship; arrange in your home your own private spaces to individually decorate if the space allows for it. 

6. You’re open about your financial situations. Now that you’re ready to move in together, you’ll need to be completely honest with each other, especially about your current financial state. You’ll need to discuss how much you can afford to spend on rent and what your expectations are in the future. If you have enough savings for half of a down payment, you may find out that your partner has the same and the two of you could discuss purchasing a home together as well. The last thing you need is to over-promise your contribution to the home and then realize months down the line that this has made you broke. Your best bet is to ensure that your half of the rent will be less than what you currently spend on rent.

7. It’s the next logical milestone in your relationship. One of the major reasons you should move in together is because it feels right at this stage in your relationship. You shouldn’t feel that you’ve rushed the decision or been forced into it, for example because one of your was evicted and now needs new accommodation.  Instead you both need to agree that it’s the right time. Dating is fun in the beginning, but eventually you will want to feel more secure and settled. Moving in together is a great way to offer you both much needed stability, and it’s a crucial step when it comes to truly getting to know each other.

8. You’ve already made it through significant arguments and stressful times. No relationship, no matter how perfect it may appear, is without fights. Fighting is important to progress a relationship. You need to become familiar with the way he or she handles conflict. If someone you’re dating doesn’t handle conflict well or blows up at you, that might not be the type of person you’d enjoy living with. You also need to know how he or she handles stress. If they take it out on you, you shouldn’t exactly be stoked on the idea of moving in together.

9. You agree on your new home’s location. Location can be tough to agree on. It’s easier if you both work in the same part of the city, so you could agree to choose a location near your work. That’s not always the case, though, and you might need to compromise. If you both work in separate areas, pick a fair distance between the two because if one of you has a long commute and the other finds work right on the doorstep, this could cause some frustrations as time goes on. Keeping things fair will always help improve your relationship.

10. You want to move in together. Lastly but most important of all – you want to move in together. If you have both romanticized the idea and spend lots of time talking about it, that proves that you’re excited about the concept of living together and you have no reservations. If neither of you are hesitant, that’s the best sign of all that you should move in together!

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