Serial daters are often dating multiple people because they haven’t yet found someone who stands out and deserves their undivided attention. They often want a serious relationship, but it needs to be the right guy. I’ll be a serial dater until I meet someone who I feel fuck yes about because I don’t believe in settling for anything less than that. To lock down a serial dater, you’ll have to show her why you’re better than her other options, and why she should choose you to be in a committed relationship with. Here are 8 ways to lock down a serial dater, stand out among her other options and have her wanting to start a legitimate relationship:

1. Discover your shared interests. It’s much easier to form a connection or special bond with someone if you share common interests. Your next girlfriend could be that girl you always seem to cross paths with because she goes to the same gym as you or works in the same building as you. If you’re always crossing paths with someone because their lifestyle is similar to yours, that’s a really great start. This is exactly why the dating app Happn is so brilliant. It solves the problem of missed connections and matches you with people you’ve crossed paths with, which increases the likelihood that the two of you share common ground. It also allows her to see important info on your profile such as your occupation, allowing the two of you to quickly figure out what else you have in common. Sharing common interests helps progress a relationship, so get to know what she’s passionate about and you’ll get a leg up in the competition. Happn is available on iPhone and Android.

2. Keep the momentum going. Once you initially meet someone you click with, the most important thing is to keep the momentum going. You want her to choose you over her other options, which means you must ask her out on dates often, put the effort in and ensure the relationship progresses. Do this, and you’ll be able to progress things into a committed relationship sooner rather than later.

3. Execute a grand gesture. You’re not going to stand out among her other options if you don’t put extra effort into your pursuit of her. Grand gestures such as a well-thought-out surprise date, or a bouquet of flowers sent to her office are examples of gestures that will set you apart from her other suitors.

4. Be open and honest. If she knows exactly where she stands with you because you’ve been open and honest about your intentions and about how into her you are, you’ll stand out as someone she can trust. Once she trusts you, she’ll feel more comfortable with you in comparison to the other men she’s dating who are passive, indirect and leave her wondering how they feel.

5. Never stop courting her and don’t get lazy in your pursuit of her. If you’re the guy who keeps pursuing her in a determined but romantic nature, you’ll stand out. If you’re the guy who knows how to court a woman, she’ll appreciate it because she’s likely also dated passive men who are casual and noncommittal.

6. Ask her to be your girlfriend. This is big one. If you want to lock down a serial dater, you can’t forget to ask her to be your girlfriend. You need to make it clear that you don’t want to see other people, and not only ask her to be exclusive but tell her why you want to be her man.

7. Remember the little things. If you remembered that she had a big meeting about a possible promotion at work and you ask her how that meeting went, she’ll greatly appreciate that you were listening and cared enough to follow up. If she ends up getting the promotion and you remember to plan something to celebrate the fact that she got it, you’ll score major brownie points.

8. Be nice to her friends. If you meet her friends for the first time during a night out, take the time to chat with them and make sure you’re friendly so that they like you and have good things to say about you. Buy them all a round of drinks and they’ll like you even more. If her friends have met more than one of the guys she’s dating, and you’re the one they’re rooting for, it’ll help her realize you’re the best option when it comes to who she wants to be in a relationship with.

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