In my opinion, the concepts of “spring cleaning” and “New Year’s resolutions” are kind of clichéd.

Personally, I think summer is the best time to start fresh and the perfect time to implement a plan to achieve your goals.

Why? Because everyone seems to have a more positive, uplifting energy in the summertime, and if you’re feeling good, you tend to dobetter for yourself.

Winter blues can cause us to get lazy and retreat into a reclused state. Summer, however, has a different vibe. Everyone feeds off each other’s energies.

We all put ourselves out there more and try new things. Days are longer, so we accomplish more and we’re much more productive.

Many of us actually do our “spring cleaning” in the summer, and we cross off many of our New Year’s resolutions we didn’t get around to crossing off back in January.

Here are five reasons this summer is the perfect time to start fresh and better yourself:

1. You Finally Have Time To Redecorate Your Home

You have more hours in the day and more energy from all that fresh air and Vitamin D so you finally have the time and energy to do something you’ve been putting off.

This is the perfect time to remodel your home and get your cleaning and reorganizing done.

This is a very important part of starting fresh and making your summer count for something.

The thought you put into your home’s fashion is just as important as the fashion you wear on your body — perhaps even more so.

Your home’s decor can show off your personality, impress your guests and give you something comforting and beautiful to come home to every day.

A neatly decorated home helps declutter your mind, which puts you at ease.

By now, many of you have likely heard of the New York Times Bestseller, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” 

The book explains why tidying up your home is one of the most important lifestyle changes you can master, and how a beautiful and decluttered home inspires a healthier overall mindset.

A change like this can even cure anxiety problems and help us feel relaxed, at peace and feeling great.

Buying new bedding, a funky new coffee table and a trendy accent chair is a great reward once you get the cleaning and decluttering part out of the way.

Out with the old, and in with the new and fabulous, just in time for those summer cocktail parties at your home!

Once your home is tidy and redecorated, a huge weight will have been lifted.

Once this lifestyle change is mastered, it can become a spiral effect of positive changes.

You may even find that it’s easier to lose weight or meet someone.

You’ll have more confidence and more motivation to invest in your own health and appearance, whether it’s by investing in products thatrejuvenate the skin or hitting the gym more often.

2. You Have The Perfect Excuse To Get Fit And Healthy

We’re naturally more active in the summer. When the weather is nice, we love getting outside and going for walks, hikes or swims.

We also have more motivation to hit the gym, since we’ll be in swimsuits all the time.

Getting fit is a great summer goal to have because it’s not like you can hide behind a huge baggy sweater anymore when it’s 30 degrees outside.

Our idea of comfort food also changes in the summer. We crave more fruits, salads and cold-pressed juices rather than hot pizzas and warm bowls of pasta.

We’re therefore naturally better at being healthy in the summer.

Think of it this way: Summer shouldn’t just be about getting fit in time for bikini season.

Getting fit for summer should be a stepping-stone into a lifestyle change you maintain and continue throughout the fall and winter months as well.

If bikini season is what motivates you to get healthy, that’s great, but let’s keep it that way and consider it a fresh beginning rather than letting our weight and health fluctuate throughout the seasons.

3. You’re More Open When It Comes To Finding Love

A summer fling is a common thing. They happen because we’re often more comfortable and open in the summer.

We tend to get out of the house more and put ourselves out there a lot more often.

There also seems to be a ton more events, parties and gatherings in the summer, leaving us with plenty more opportunities to meet new people.

Sometimes, we might fall into what at first seems like a summer fling, but ends up being the real thing.

Don’t close yourself off to the idea of finding love this summer, and don’t assume anyone you meet will only be a short fling.

If the summer season gets you out and meeting new people, use that momentum as a catalyst to open yourself up to finding love.

4. You’re Networking With More People

Speaking of meeting new people, in the summer, you find there are more networking opportunities than usual.

This is because of the increased number of events organizations put on in the summer, as they often take advantage of the great weather for their biggest events of the year.

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Always put your best foot forward when meeting new people, and let them see your fantastic energy.

Be memorable; you never know when these connections could come in handy for your personal or professional life.

5. You Can Become More Entrepreneurial

This is because the summer season often goes hand-in-hand with vacation time, and, of course, the summer provides us with more hours in the day so we have some extra time on our hands.

Use this extra time wisely. Be productive and start brainstorming ideas for your side business.

If you’ve always had an idea in mind that could make you some extra cash and perhaps even lead to you becoming a successful, self-employed entrepreneur, get started!

The summer is the best time to start implementing your plans to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Not only do you have extra hours in the day, but you’re also feeling great due to the awesome summer vibes, which is why you’ll notice your creative intellect will come through much more easily than during the winter.

Use that creative energy wisely while it lasts. Let this summer be the start of the best version of you.

This article, written by The Babe Report, was originally published on Elite Daily

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