It’s getting hotter each day, beach days are frequent, and hot dinners have been swapped for cool, crisp salads. Summer has definitely arrived. What should be the best days of the year actually becomes one big sweaty, frustrating mess and it’s time to prepare ourselves, because the summer struggle is very real. Here are 10 struggles women face every summer:

1. Attempting to get in bikini shape as quickly as possible – but failing miserably

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Every woman tells herself each year, “this year I’m going to be more prepared for the summer – I’ll start my diet in January” – but we never succeed at preparing to get into bikini shape in time. It seems that we always struggle to tone up as quickly as possible in hopes of feeling a bit better about our bikini body, but we have a hard time because we haven’t planned ahead. The struggle is definitely real.

2. Realizing that it’s too hot to exercise even if you wanted to

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Speaking of getting in shape for summer – best of luck to you. Trying to work out in the summer heat can be unbearable. You can’t stay hydrated enough and the beating sun can cut a session in half. Many women’s health magazines will suggest that you wake up around 5am/6am to go for your run or workout before it’s too hot but the chances of that actually happening are minimal. Are you really going to wake up at 5am? Didn’t think so.

3. Trying to apply make-up to a sweaty, melting face

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This is one task that is near impossible – it can be tough to get ready for a date in the summer since the heat makes it necessary to keep make-up minimal. Unless you have invested in luscious eyelash extensions which eliminate the need for eye make-up, you’ll have to attempt to put make-up on even though it’ll likely sweat off your face 5 minutes later. Trying to dodge the trickles of sweat when applying mascara is a nightmare and the day only gets worse from there as you’ll likely get smudges of black under your eyes, too.

4. Attempting to smell good

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Let’s say you’re going on a cute daytime date with a guy you really like. Don’t bother putting on your favourite sexy perfume – soon you’ll just smell like sweat anyways. Attempting to smell good in the summer is impossible since whether you like it or not, you’ll be sweating like mad.

5. Hair vs Humidity: The ongoing battle


Everyone remembers that episode of Friends where Monica had to battle with the humidity against her hair. There’s nothing that can turn our luscious locks into a rat’s nest quicker than just stepping outside during summer. No matter what conditioner we’re using – mother nature is out to wreck our looks once more. All those magazines that show women walking along the beach with their smooth, soft hair flowing with the sea breeze is not even close to reality.

6. The struggle of sticky legs and chafing thighs

Skirts, shorts and dresses take over our wardrobe in summer. The major problem with this is anything that is sat on we become instantly stuck to as our legs are basically two sticks of glue in the summer. Another added embarrassment is having to deal with the haunting “chub rub”. Where both our thighs meet and create a nice red rash after rubbing together for some time – chafing is a summer struggle that is pretty much the worst.

7. Dealing with sweat patches on our clothing

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There are certain items of clothing which need to be given a wide berth because they are the very best at showing sweat patches. Light blues and greys are a 100% no go unless you want everyone close to you to witness that girls can get achieve a sweaty back too. You can put on a killer outfit then just one brisk walk down the street and dark patches begin to appear under the arms and around your bra. It’s the very worst but unavoidable unless we hibernated all summer.

8. Struggling to keep everything in your bikini

Bikinis are high maintenance as you always have to keep one eye on making sure nothing has come out of place. From nip slips to wedgies, you name it – and we have to put up with it. There is also the added drama of trying to get out a pool without the whole thing falling down. Always have a close friend near-by who can be your “spotter”. When your bikini starts hanging a bit loose around the edges they can give you a friendly nudge and avoid any disasters.

9. Spending a fortune on your summer beauty regime

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It’s always the summer beauty bill which is the most expensive. There’s expensive pedicures extremely often since everyone will be seeing your feet. Don’t forget about manicures, waxing your whole body, body scrubs, seaweed wraps, spray-tan (nobody wants to walk out onto the beach looking like a ghost) and hair treatments after frolicking in the sea for hours. Just when we were beginning to believe that it was the Christmas season which drains all of our bank accounts – turns out it’s actually summer that gets us.

10. Attempting to achieve an even tan

How can we stay in the sun for hours tanning then our faces turn right red, shoulders pink, arms brown and legs still pale? No matter how much tan accelerator we throw on our pins they just don’t seem to want to help us in our bid to become sun-kissed goddesses. There needs to be some scientific study into this because there is just no such thing as an all-over even tan. Not to mention, we’ll have white boobs unless we’re brave enough to tan topless.

11. Picking out an outfit that disguises tan lines

Wouldn’t it be great if tan lines were actually considered a must-have fashion accessory? If that was the case then we would on trend every single year. Trying to pick out an outfit that disguises tan lines but also flatters our bodies is a never ending nightmare. If the beauty shops could just create for us all a product that instantly removed tan lines then we would all be throwing money at them.

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