Now that it’s officially 2015, it’s time to make some serious changes when it comes to the way we live our lives.

The problem is not the mistakes we make, the things we fail at or the things we regret saying or doing.

What we’re not doing is the problem. The risks we never took, the things we never said and the roads we never went down.

That void we often feel when something is missing and some part of us feels empty could be filled by doing the things that everyone stopped doing at some point.

My new year’s resolution is to bring back what Millennials lost somewhere along the way and anything that could foster a true connection or harbor raw honesty.

It might get weird — especially since Millennials don’t often do these things anymore — but it will be a good weird. Here are eight things Millennials need to start doing in 2015:

1. The Grand Gesture

If you’re upset about losing the affections of a man or woman who you really liked, are you going to do anything about it?

Whatever happened to the grand gesture — actually demonstrating how you feel by doing something special for someone —, either to win back the person’s affections or communicate how you feel?

Surprising someone is significant because Millennials seem to know everything that will happen before it happens and rarely get surprises, let alone grand declarations of love.

It’s not creepy or weird to execute a grand gesture of sorts. We’re Millennials, so we may think it’s weird at first, but then grow to really appreciate it.

Weird is good. Weird is living. In fact, anything that is out of the ordinary might just help you breathe in some new life. New life, that’s what we need. Old-school dating deserves a big comeback.

2. Living In The Moment

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment and living it. You are not living in the moment when you’re worrying about a future meeting, procrastinating on a project or feeling depressed about a breakup.

You are not living in the moment when you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, looking at other people’s moments.

Focusing on the present, living in the now and doing something today for the purpose of seizing today?Now that is an art. It’s an art you need to practice until you master it.

If each day was actually lived, and if you practiced being present in the moment, that’s when your true capabilities surpass what you imagined they were.

3. Uncomfortable Conversations

Have you ever had a really uncomfortable conversation, where you were honest with someone about what you were thinking and the other person didn’t want to hear or it or didn’t go well, so you decided you’d keep your mouth shut moving forward?

In 2015, you should bring back the uncomfortable conversation because those conversations are honest and integral.

We need more honesty in our lives. Maybe you don’t want to tell that person why you are no longer interested in him or her, but perhaps that honesty would provide extremely valuable feedback that would change his or her life and really end up being a huge help.

Some of the most honest conversations are the most uncomfortable ones, but we still need them because they provide value and harbor enlightenment.

Something life-changing could be handed to you on a silver platter, in the form of one brave person in your life who gave you the gift of raw honesty.

4. Making That Bold Move

Another resolution that opens up many doors is the resolution to make bold moves. Approach that cute guy at the grocery store instead of just gazing at him from afar.

Ask for that promotion and state why you deserve it, instead of waiting for it to be offered. Nobody will try to pretend bold moves are easy to make, but they are worth it.

5. No Longer Being Afraid Of Missing Out

In 2015, when you meet someone great, try taking a break from your POF, Tinder and accounts. The fear of missing out on other options will destroy your dating life because the delusion of something better being out there will ruin your chances with someone amazing who you already have.

This year, don’t be afraid of missing out on anything because the result of doing so is always that you miss out on the present.

6. Real Life Connections

Let one of your New Year’s resolutions be to practice having more real-life conversations and to foster more real life connections.

If you have some amazing news to share, practice self-discipline by setting up coffee dates to share that news in person, even if it means you have to be patient and wait.

Catch up in person whenever possible and save that funny story for the next time you meet.

True transparency comes from in-person encounters. What you see on someone’s social media is not transparency, it’s only a small percentage of what that person is really all about.

You likely barely know anything about the people on your social media accounts.

7. Being Straightforward

I don’t know when everyone started beating around the bush and tip-toeing around each other’s feelings. I’m not sure when it became more common to meet someone passive and closed-off than to come across an aggressive go-getter.

The fact that Millennials are often hard to read and indifferent likely leads to the lazy courtship we’re now accustomed to. You can stand out by being straightforward, open and assertive.

8. Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Whether it’s taking risks, making sacrifices, giving something up or starting something new, many of us think there is a time and a place for all of these things and we’re all waiting for the right time.

The right time is now, even if it’s not the easiest time.

If you have aspirations but you aren’t taking the necessary actions to fulfill them, it’s possible the reason behind this lack of action is because taking that action would feel uncomfortable.

We’ve already established that uncomfortable is good and that extreme value lies within the uncomfortable.

Most people don’t have someone who’s pushing them, which is why they need to push themselves.

It’s supposed to be challenging; your motivation is that you have goals and accomplishing those goals takes hard work, but it’s worth it.

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    You have answered a long standing question in my mind I’ve had for a long time–thank you!! You’re a terrific writer and I’ve taken away and learned so much from your articles. You have given me the inspiration to go for it and be bold!

    Thank you so much!



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