The lips and the mouth are one of our sexiest features (as long as you don’t have lipstick on your teeth!)

Unless you live in Hawaii, the weather is probably pretty cold during your city’s winter months. Why does that matter and what does cold weather have to do with your lips? When you’re all bundled up in your winter hats, scarves and big coats, at least your lips are still visible.

When you’re all bundled up for winter, your beautiful lips could be what makes that cute guy at Starbucks notice you! Here are 5 tips for sexy lips:

1. Keep your lips from drying out in the winter with advanced lip care. Advanced lip care such as Dermalogica’s Lip Renewal Complex will keep your lips soft, smooth and hydrated which helps protect your lips from flaking and drying out due to the harsh, cold winter air. Treating your lips with a high-quality balm such as this one is important all year long, but especially in the winter.

2. Enhance your lips with Juvederm. To achieve fuller, sexier lips, many women use lip injections to fill out their lips. If you’re going to get lip injections, Juvederm is the way to go. Dr. Bieg, who has been injecting women with Botox and Filler for over 14 years at Physician Skincare Centre, says: “Juvederm looks incredibly natural and on average, lasts for 9 – 12 months. Juvederm is a great filler for achieving fuller lips that look natural and supple.” Dr. Bieg freezes the lips with numbing cream and the treatment is virtually painless. The cost for lip enhancement ranges from $250 – $650 depending on which clinic you go to, and whether or not you use a full syringe. The cost isn’t that bad considering how long the treatment lasts.

3. Ask a make-up specialist to match your skin tone with the perfect shade of lipstick. Whether you’re looking for that perfect red to make your lips pop, or a more romantic pink, ask someone to match your skin tone with the right shade of red, or the right shade of pink. Sephora, for example, has several trained beauty experts on hand to help you choose that perfect color for your lips that will knock ’em dead. Bonus tip: ask to be shown lip stains, so that you don’t have to worry about re-applying throughout the day or after eating.

4. Enhance your lips with Botox. Perhaps your lips are already quite full, and you don’t need Juvederm. Botox, however, can be injected around the mouth or at the upper lip to create a subtle plumping effect, define your lip line more, and lift the upper lip. Many patients get Botox injections around the lip area in addition to Juvederm filler, but it’s also quite common to only get Botox for the more subtle plumping effect and for a slight lift of the upper lip. The cost of this is quite low, since generally only about 4 units are needed. The cost is approximately $38 – $50 and the effects last approximately 4 months.

5. Use a lip liner to define your lips. When your make-up specialist finds you that perfect shade of lipstick or lip stain, ask for a matching lip liner as well. Lip liner enhances your lips by defining them and can even make your lips look fuller. Take your time to apply it correctly and make your lips pop!

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