Our generation often complains about “missed connections” – a cute stranger we crossed paths with and exchanged a flirtatious smile with, who we fear we’ll never see again. The more we get used to flirting online, the worse we are at flirting in real life, which is why we so often fail to introduce ourselves to cuties we see at Starbucks, sit next to on the train, or spot at the gym.

While we’re more than comfortable sending a flirtatious text, liking someone’s photo on Facebook, or flirting on dating apps – we’re often uncomfortable with the idea of approaching someone in the real world. Hiding behind screens has become one of the downfalls of our generation, as it leads to a lack of confidence in real life. It leads to us losing touch with reality.

Happn is the only dating app on the market that promises to solve the problem of missed connections. This genius app is hyper-local and uses real-time technology to introduce you to singles you’ve crossed paths with in real life. For example, if a Happn user gets on the same train as you, you’ll be notified on the app. Happn also tells you how many times you’ve crossed paths with someone, making it obvious if this person is someone who lives near you, works in the same office building as you, etc.

Here are 8 types of missed connections you can stop missing out on if you download Happn:

1. Someone who goes to the same gym as you. Maybe this person works out at the same gym as you but you always have your headphones in, working hard and oblivious to your surroundings. Or perhaps, this person you’re missing out on meeting works at the gym. Maybe as a side gig they work as a personal trainer at your gym sometimes. Either way, your dream woman or your dream man could be right under your nose – you’ve just always been too focused on your workout to notice.

2. Someone who works in your office building. This person might work on a different floor than you, but perhaps you sometimes cross paths in the elevator on your way to work. You’re too stressed out about being late or about that big meeting to notice them. Or perhaps you did notice them, but you were too shy to talk to them in this elevator full of strangers who would witness your awkward attempt at a pick-up. There are tons of reasons why we might miss out on meeting a cutie who works in the same office building as us – luckily, we can find them on Happn.

3. Someone who does their banking at the same bank as you. Whether they are a customer or a financial advisor, your perfect match could be someone you often cross paths with at the bank. It’s not often people flirt with a cutie at the bank; the sad truth is that we’re often too shy to approach people in places like banks – but that doesn’t change the fact that someone special could be there at the same time as you.

4. Someone who goes for coffee every morning at the same coffee shop as you. I’m one of those people who goes to the same coffee shop every morning. I often see cute guys, and sometimes I’m tempted to talk to one of them, but I also feel like my flirting game is off in the morning when I’m tired and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to meet them, though! If Happn can introduce you to cuties who go to the same coffee shop as you, why not try it out?

5. Someone who lives in your apartment building. You could meet someone who lives in the same apartment building as you – talk about convenience! In the past, I used to get nervous talking to my cute neighbours. I wasn’t sure if maybe they lived with their significant other, and I didn’t want to risk rejection. On Happn, you’ll know for sure that they’re single and available.

6. Someone who shops at the same grocery store as you. The grocery store is a major hotspot for crossing paths with sexy strangers. How many times have you been grocery shopping and seen someone ridiculously good looking shopping in the same aisle as you? But the real question is, did you have the courage to approach them? These missed connections have got to stop!

7. Someone who fills up their tank at the same gas station as you. Let’s face it, even if you see a cutie filling up gas one pump over, how likely is it that you’ll muster up enough confidence to approach him or her before they’re done filling up and gone? Happn can notify you that you’ve crossed paths with that person, allowing it to become a real connection instead of a missed one.

8. Someone who takes the same train as you. Maybe you’ve seen this person more than once; maybe you’ve noticed him or her on the train. Perhaps sometimes they sit across from you and the two of you exchange a smile – but you’ve never actually introduced yourselves to each other. Don’t you think it’s about time you meet this sexy stranger on the train? Happn is available on iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

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