Natalie Langston is a Canadian media personality and an award-winning journalist who wears many hats including health and fitness expert, fashion expert, beauty expert and lifestyle writer. Natalie is a health & fitness reporter for Canada Wide Media at BC Living, an entertainment & fashion writer for Vancity Buzz, and she’s also a TV host and producer for Novus TV. She combines her journalistic background and media expertise with her passion for Fitness-On-The-Run and holistic health to promote positive change within our fast-paced world. An Emcee with a love of giving back to her community, she is a volunteer and spokesperson for Dress for Success Vancouver, member of Ladies Who Lunch Global Network for female entrepreneurs and Style Ambassador for the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. Natalie is a role model for several women when it comes to beauty, fashion, health and fitness. In our exclusive interview with Natalie below, she reveals beauty secrets, dating tips and her take on modern dating:

You’re always on the go, so what are your top 5 items you can’t live without?

NL: That’s a tough one but these are the items I wouldn’t go without:

  • Scentuals Hand & Body Repair and coconut oil
  • Water, Gin & Lemon (especially hot water with lemon)
  • iPhone
  • Hat (either toque or fedora) and sunglasses
  • Toothbrush and floss

If you could have lunch with anyone – living or dead – who would it be?

NL: Princess Diana, but I would also love to sit down with Queen Elizabeth II, Helen Keller, Grace Kelly, Stevie Nicks in 1978, Jesus, John Lennon, and Laura Secord.

What would you say is a modern dating problem of our generation, and what would you suggest as a solution?

NL: I think our generation is often used to getting to know someone via text message conversations, but they then have nothing to say in person. This could either be because they already wasted all of their stories and news via text, or it could be because they feel uncomfortable in person due to being accustomed to hiding behind a screen. A solution would be to keep texting conversations minimal. Try to make conversation in person as opposed to texting, and make an effort to save that funny story for an in-person date.

What’s your idea of a SuperDate?

NL: My favourite restaurant in my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia is Chambar. This gem of a restaurant has a fantastic warm atmosphere and an incredible patio. It feels like you’ve entered your friend’s place but with a mix between a Montreal and New York vibe. I love unique restaurants that make me feel as though I’m somewhere other than Vancouver.

My ideal SuperDate would involve a fun activity after dinner as well.  Something like a walk in Gastown after dinner would be nice because Gastown has such a charming and romantic atmosphere with beautiful street lamps and a whimsical vibe. If the date is going well, a nightcap is fun after dinner – especially if it’s somewhere with live music like the Pacific Rim.

A comedy show, concert or live performance would all be great post-dinner activities on a SuperDate, too. I don’t like to see a movie on the first few dates, I like to do something more interactive.

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When it comes to dating, what are your dealbreakers?

NL: I can think of quite a few dealbreakers:

  • Drunk and obnoxious guys
  • Horrible breath and bad personal hygiene
  • Rude to servers at restaurants
  • Drug use
  • Asks me out on a date and doesn’t pay
  • No manners
  • Overly aggressive or inappropriate
  • Pathological liars
  • Racist or sexist
  • Likes Donald Trump. Just kidding, but not really …

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

NL: I’m attracted to men who are witty and funny, as well as fit and health-conscious. I also find it interesting when a guy is a little bit strange. If he’s musically inclined that’s a bonus, as is him having  an exciting, spontaneous side to him. Intelligence is important to me,  and it’s super sexy when someone is driven, determined, motivated and successful, with a zest for life.

Could we get some beauty tips from you?

NL: Sure! Here are some beauty tips I swear by:

  • Never tan your face. Always protect your face and neck with sufficient sunscreen, and wear a hat and sunglasses as often as you can!
  • Drink a lot of water and throw some Tru Marine Collagen in it every day
  • Use natural deodorant
  • De-stress with vitamin B supplements
  • Stay energized, balanced and detoxified with Vega’s Maca and Chlorella

natalie langston 2

What’s your personal beauty reveal?

NL: I can’t live without having my eyelash extensions and eyebrows done, because when they’re done I literally wake up already good to go, without the need for makeup – as long as it’s a day I’m not on camera. (If I am shooting that day, I’ll get my hair and makeup done at AnaVBeauty as they are amazing and always leave me camera-ready.) On the days I’m not shooting, it makes my life so much easier to have the illusion of a made-up face with perfected lashes and brows, and I also look like I’m awake when I might actually be extremely exhausted.

The way I look is my livelihood and my face is the first thing people see on camera, so I always need to have great skin. I like to eat gluten and dairy free, and I drink a ton of hot water and lemon with some Tru Marine Collagen to keep my skin and hair looking good. I also regularly get vitamin drips. When that’s not enough, The Skin Girls do treatments on my skin which have an amazing effect.

Always invest in a  good hair stylist. Marc Reise from La Biosthetique Canada has literally brought my hair back from the dead. I put my hair through hell with all the styling, heat and product build-up and their line of products and his talents keep my hair healthy and shiny.

Never tan, spray tan instead! I’m obsessed with the results from spray tanning. I’ve realized that I look a lot better once I have a tan, especially on camera. A spray tan is quick, easy and convenient for me to pop in and out the night before a big photo shoot, red carpet or event.

To stay beautiful while traveling, my travel routine consists of drinking a full water bottle mixed with Vega’s hydrator and throwing on some La Biosthetique’s gel eye pads over top of one of their serum beads, that I call heaven in a capsule. After using just one capsule, my skin is more resistant to damaging environmental influences, any redness is gone with its original balance restored. I put on my sleep mask and I wake up feeling recuperated and fresh with skin that is glowing, tight and hydrated.

To stay fit and healthy, I love my ClassPass membership. With so many options and workout studios to choose from, it makes it easy to change up my workout routine and consistently challenge myself. Classes include spinning, yoga, barre, boxing and bootcamp. That’s my beauty reveal!

What’s your spirit animal?

NL: White Falcon, so I can soar to the ends of the earth and live wild and free.

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