If there’s one thing our generation hates, it’s being labeled the ‘non-romantic’ generation. When it comes to dating, apps like Tinder are making everything worse by promoting casual encounters and non-dates with less than quality people.

Nobody wants to use Tinder anymore. It’s over.

Our generation is actually very entrepreneurial, and young professionals with their shit together are realizing they need a dating app with a better quality pool of users. We’re realizing that we want to meet people who have a similar lifestyle to ours, and we no longer want to swipe for someone who may look cute in a photo, but who we actually know nothing about.

Fitting someone into our busy schedules is only possible if they have a lifestyle that meshes well with ours – and even better if they live or work close to us. But how can you meet like-minded people in your area? Happn facilitates this, and that’s why it’s overtaking Tinder.

Happn already boasts over 18 million users. It’s currently a favourite dating app in over 40 major cities across the globe. The reason Happn has become so popular among young professionals is due to its convenience. The app introduces you to singles you’ve crossed paths with in real life, making it easy to meet someone who lives or works near you. Plus, Happn lists people’s professions on their profiles which lets you to figure out how legit someone is. Here are 6 reasons why millennials with their shit together are choosing Happn over Tinder:

1. You can get a second chance at making your move. Happn solves the problem of missed connections by introducing you to someone you crossed paths with earlier that day. Maybe a cute guy smiled at you at the grocery store, and you were too shy to approach him. Getting reintroduced on Happn is kind of like that awesome second chance you were hoping for.

2. Less blank profiles means you’re less likely to waste your time on someone lame.Using Tinder can result in a ton of wasted time because your date is nothing like you expected. And we don’t exactly have time to waste. This happens because Tinder allows blank profiles. Users can simply show their photo only, with no ‘about me’ write-up. While some Tinder users choose to write an ‘about me’ section, most choose to leave their profile completely blank. It’s certainly an advantage that Happn tells you a bit more about the person you’re looking at, as you’ll almostnever see a blank profile on Happn.

3. You can meet someone in your ’hood.Happn will introduce you to someone who lives on the same street as you or works in the same office building. This is great because are generation, unlike our parent’s, is terrible at meeting our neighbours! Plus, it’s super convenient to date someone who lives in your area.

4. You can meet someone who spends their downtime doing the same cool shit you love to do.Happn shows you people you’ve crossed paths with, which means you could meet someone who frequents the same bars and restaurants as you. Or someone who goes to the same gym as you. Basically, Happn is awesome because you’ll meet people who have a similar lifestyle to yours, and people you share things in common with.

5. The new ‘See You There’ feature allows you to see who’s available to meet for an activity right now. This is an awesome feature Tinder doesn’t have. Happn’s ‘See You There’ feature lets you choose an activity such as going for a walk, grabbing a bite or getting drinks, and people who are nearby can respond if they like your profile and your activity choice. The perfect match for you will probably like the same types of activities as you, so this is a great way to find out shared interests.

6. You can meet other driven professionals.On Happn, most people’s profession is listed in addition to their ‘about me’ section, because Happn imports your profession from your Facebook profile when you set up your account. This is obviously important information, and it’s something Tinder for some reason doesn’t import. It’s a given that driven, young professionals with good careers want to meet other driven, young professionals with good careers.

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