It’s been 10 years since Catherine Giudici pulled up to the Bachelor mansion in a limo to meet Sean Lowe, and we have an exclusive interview with Catherine on how the couple has made it work post-show, and what it’s been like to become parents.

10 years ago on The Bachelor season 17, which filmed in 2012 and premiered in January of 2013, Catherine Giudici had no idea that she’d win Sean Lowe’s heart, get married, start a family with him, and outlast the majority of reality TV couples.

Catherine and Sean Lowe have now been married for 8 years, and have 3 children together. They still remain involved with the Bachelor Nation franchise, attending tapings and giving advice to new contestants.

Today, Catherine and Sean Lowe are still one of the fan-favorite couples in the Bachelor Nation family, and certainly one of the strongest couples as well.

How Catherine and Sean Lowe are Still Going Strong 10 Years After They Met on The Bachelor

A lot of reality TV couples who meet on reality dating shows like The Bachelor break up, and even though that’s disappointing, most of us aren’t surprised when it happens. It’s not easy to make it work post-show, and in the below interview, Catherine Lowe has opened up to us about how the couple is still going strong 10 years after they met.

From falling in love on camera to being able to say their love has stood the test of time 10 years later, Catherine and Sean Lowe have a lot to be grateful for.

Catherine also opens up about being a mom, what she’s been up to work wise, and some of the important initiatives she’s worked on this year. Check out our exclusive interview with Catherine Lowe below:

It’s been 10 years since you and Sean fell in love on The Bachelor. Your love has certainly stood the test of time. What sorts of things would you attribute your success as a couple to?

CL: Commitment, first and foremost. When you get off the show and into the real world, everything is really set up for you to fail, which is why it’s so challenging to stay together! It was really hard in the beginning, but once we realized how to communicate, that we were committed to each other and prioritizing each other, and really learned how to be a regular couple, it was great. Time and trust have helped solidify our bond, too!

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You and Sean have also had 3 kids together! What tips do you have for parents and teachers for promoting healthy habits at home and in the classroom?

CL: As families settle into the school year and move into cold and flu season, I’m working with Lysol for their HERE for Healthy Schools campaign to remind and encourage parents to remember to add Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to their school shopping lists.

I love reminding moms that when you buy a pack of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes for your home or child’s classroom, you’re supporting a brand donating 42 million Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to under-resourced schools around the country.

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Lysol also provides resources for parents and teachers to help promote healthy habits in the classroom while in-person learning this school year. Visit to learn more.

What is the HERE for Healthy Schools campaign?

CL: Lysol’s HERE for Healthy Schools campaign is designed to help keep educators, parents and children protected from germs and in school, because students thrive (physically and emotionally) when they’re together.

Lysol is celebrating these important in-person interactions with a kids-only digital video series, Little Big Talk. Little Big Talk is a series designed to bring kids together at the lunch table to talk about what makes them unique, what they missed about school, what superpower they would choose, and other topics. The series can be viewed on Lysol’s YouTube page.

Why did you want to partner with Lysol on this initiative?

CL: The past two school years have presented a lot of challenges for families, students, and teachers. Now that schools are back to in-person learning, I am grateful my children can safely learn and play with other students because that’s where they thrive – together. I partnered with Lysol for the HERE for Healthy School campaign to help make sure our children can continue to learn safely with other students in their in-person classrooms.

What else do you have going on work-wise?

CL: This is the busiest season by far for my company LoweCo.ncierge, a full service luxury gifting service. I have to make sure I stay healthy and planned during the holidays so I can keep up with the demanding schedule. Also, we’re launching new collections with Home by Sean and Catherine Lowe that we’re very excited about!

There are now so many moms in the Bachelor Nation family – do you stay in touch?

CL: I follow a lot on Instagram in the Bachelor Nation family and sometimes that feels like keeping in touch! I’m closer with some of the moms from our season but support all the growing Bachelor Nation families!

Speaking of Bachelor Nation, you were recently at The Bachelorette finale, how was that experience? Can you share any behind-the-scenes info? 

CL: It was really different to be in person at the finale, compared to watching it on TV. The energy of course is different, and I think because of where we were seated, we couldn’t see Tino’s face and reaction to Aven coming into the picture. I think had I seen how uncomfortable he was, I probably wouldn’t have reacted with such enthusiasm. Excited for Rachel but I didn’t think it was necessary for Tino and Aven to be there together if at all. It was super fun to be with the other ladies like Kaitlyn Bristowe, Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young, though! Love seeing the Bachelor crew, so many memories with the whole gang.

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