We have all met the ‘perfect’ type: The uncomplicated ones who don’t seem to have any major quirks or troubles. They cruise through life effortlessly, and it is rare that anything can stress them out enough to break a sweat. You’ll never catch them in a bad mood or be able to snap a bad photo of them. The ‘perfect’ type is somehow always dressed impeccably, as if they have never slept through their alarm or rolled out of bed and been forced to go out in public with unwashed hair. Instead, they always look perfect. Everything about them is ideal. You might think to yourself: it would be so easy to date this person, because they just make everything look so easy.

Then there is the ‘imperfect’ type. The ones who often get all of the bad luck. It’s not easy for them to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions, but they’ll sure as hell try. They sleep through their alarm, rarely look polished, and they march to the beat of their own drum. They’re the quirky type who have unconventional thought patterns, anxiety, and troubles. But they persevere through it all. The way the ‘imperfect’ type do things is atypical to say the least. They take each experience as it comes and learn from their failures. They find a way around the road blocks and write down new goals and celebrate their achievements. They might not seem as easy to date as the ‘perfect’ type, but they are not without their perks. Here are the six major reasons why you should date someone imperfect:

1. Perfection is too predictable:

Perfection is simple and easy, but it’s too predictable. There will not be as many surprises or interesting anecdotes when dating someone perfect as there would be with someone imperfect. It is unlikely that you view yourself as a vision of perfection, so why would you want to be with someone perfect? Unpredictable situations are what keeps us young, and what keeps us from getting bored. The quirks that come with an imperfect person are perfect for those who are tired of the same pattern and the same routine.

2. They will have amazing stories

Their stories will not bore you. In fact, you’ll likely learn something from their unique stories. They will tell tales about some interesting, unorthodox way they went about getting something they wanted. Perhaps their stories will be about their failures and hardships and what they took from those experiences. Maybe something hilarious happened to them because they did the wrong thing or got in some sort of trouble by breaking the rules. Imperfections give people character and that’s how they get the best stories to tell.

3. Imperfection translates into depth of character

Someone imperfect has likely been through a lot in life, since things don’t happen easily for them. What they want out of life doesn’t come effortlessly – they have to put all their energy into something if they want it to work out – and it often still doesn’t. They are therefore raw, real, resilient and complex. They have depth and strength of character. They have failed too many times to count and it makes them stronger and more enlightened each time.

4. They keep you on your toes

Going back to unpredictability, that’s what keeps you on your toes. Routines and schedules, often followed by perfectionists, do nothing but bore you. The anticipation that anything could happen makes life exciting, and if you date someone who’s up for anything, you’ll always have that excitement. The imperfect types live their lives this way because they are not crippled by the fear of failure and are more likely to take risks. They don’t mind if they embarrass themselves and they try not to care too much about who judges them or what others think.

5. They will encourage your adventurous side to come out

The simple, perfect and boring life rarely comes with a ton of adventure. It’s the stressed out and anxious people who seek adventure to distract themselves from their troubles. Rest assured, they will bring out your adventurous side. They seek out positivity so as to not be dragged down by negative situations. They know how to take a break from their worries in a fun and spontaneous way. They don’t need to plan every trip down to the last detail – they aren’t perfectionists. They go with the flow.

6. They won’t judge you for your imperfections

They don’t care if you have flaws because they have flaws, too. Each time you do something quirky, unconventional or ‘flawed’ they see a bit of themselves in you and smile. Your oddball traits don’t bother them as long as you have goals and you generally have your shit together. As long as you’re working towards something and you have ambition, plans, and dreams, they will never be bothered by your imperfections.

This article, written by The Babe Report, was originally published on HUSH Magazine.

Image Source: Tumblr, Highsnobiety.

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