Fall is an incredibly romantic time of year. The leaves are changing into beautiful colors, the air is chilly enough to encourage getting cozy, and local fall activities will inspire you to go on some special dates. The gorgeous Autumn season will bring out the romantic side of you, and it also happens to be a season full of cheap date ideas that are easy and fun. Dating doesn’t have to be expensive, and celebrating fall is a must for couples. Here are 25 cheap date ideas you need to experience this fall:

1. Look up some fall recipes, hit up a local farmer’s market and then cook at home together. Apples are in season, so maybe dessert will be apple pie?

2. Pack a picnic full of warm comfort food and thermoses of hot chocolate, along with some blankets, and have a picnic in a park that’s surrounded by red and orange fallen leaves and colorful trees.

3. Go on a haunted tour together and learn about the ghost stories that haunt your town. Getting scared encourages cuddling!

4. Head to a nearby pumpkin patch where you can go on a hayride and pick pumpkins together.

5. Make hot,  flavorful and comforting mulled wine at home, then carve pumpkins and watch scary movies.

6. Visit a haunted house together.

7. Look up a local hike you can go on that offers scenic views of all the fall colors.

8. Get pumpkin-spiced lattes to-go from a local coffee shop, then walk hand-in-hand through tree-lined neighborhood streets and enjoy the colorful fall foliage.

9. Go to your local planetarium and cuddle up as you watch a majestic star show.

10. Hit up a local fall harvest festival.

11. Go out for tacos on cheap Tuesday.

12. Catch a hockey or soccer game and cheer on your home team.

13. Decorate your home with Halloween decor, then enjoy a couple glasses of wine amidst the romantic, soft glow of your Jack-O-Lanterns.

14. Find cheap treasures at a cool flea market.

15. Go to an amateur comedy show.

16. Make a bonfire at the beach (find a location where this is allowed) and roast marshmallows.

17. Go to an IMAX movie and get that 3D experience.

18. Bake together and decorate Halloween cookies, bake pies and get festive.

19. Take a walk through any nearby community gardens or botanical gardens and enjoy the scenery.

20. Drive to a beautiful lookout point, and cuddle up in a blanket as you enjoy the view together.

21. Watch the sunset at the beach with thermoses of hot chocolate.

22. Play board games at home together.

23. Make pottery together and decorate mugs.

24. Go to an open mic night and enjoy live performances from the community.

25. Make your own warm apple cider, light candles, order in and watch movies all night long.

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